In a push conference, he defined that the church of mountain Servacio and also The Candelaria are component of the tourist sell of the city, therefore it have to be a priority to save them in an excellent condition.

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New computer labs in Progreso center schools space the an outcome of a collaboration between local rotating clubs and the city. Photo:...
A group of INAH archaeologists led by Patricia Meehan Hermanson has begun restoration work on Kohunlich’s well known giant stucco masks in Quintana Roo.
'Perspectiva Poética de Yucatán': Denisse Sánchez exhibits she paintings, which show up to be planted in the garden of the Casa Vico...

Quarterback Tom Brady #12 that the brand-new England Patriots passes versus the Oakland Raiders in ~ Estadio Azteca on Nov. 19, 2017 in Mexico City. Photo: Jamie Schwaberow / Getty Images

“American football” is coming ago to Mexico.

The Kansas City Chiefs will confront the Los Angeles Rams on Monday, Nov. 19 in ~ the Azteca stadion in Mexico City, reported the national Football League.

The NFL’s International series returns come Mexico City because that the 3rd straight year, previously with Raiders vs. Patriots. NFL Commissioner roger Goodell announced the new face off.

Playing in the Mexican funding city is an idea the goes ago to 1968, when Philly to be to pat Detroit. That video game was canceled, however, and also the NFL didn’t get ago to Mexico City for an additional 10 years. As soon as the Eagles played against the Saints.

“When us went there, lock weren’t prepared,” Ron Jaworski, the Eagles’ starting quarterback that season, claims of the preseason matchup. “We played in a bullring, the locker rooms were too small, and the goal write-ups were crooked.”

The NFL made yearly preseason visits v the 1990s and also into 2001. By 2005, 103,467 fans filled Estadio Azteca for their first regular-season game exterior the joined States.

The NFL’s go back to the nation came over a decade later on “Monday Night Football,” but that to be marred once a laser guideline from the stands was aimed generally at Texans players.

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“Over the past two seasons, we have seen the extraordinary passion that exists because that NFL soccer in Mexico,” Goodell said throughout his Super Bowl press conference. “We are excited for another memorable occasion at Estadio Azteca together the Los Angeles Rams and also Kansas City Chiefs head come Mexico City in 2018.”

Other mexico cities room interested in hosting the NFL, yet Mexico City has the organization locked up contractually through the 2021 season. Past that, “We think that’s something us may think about in the future,” claimed Goodell.