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Hello everyone! It\"s time to dive right into a detailed summary (since I\"m cynical to article a translate in on here, that\"ll it is in on mine site) that the \"One the Seventy Two\" video presentation indigenous DOME-G. I\"m not rather accustomed to this \"cues\" the are provided in the record so I\"m omitting them and also leaving just some details. THIS IS based on THE last MANUSCRIPT portion AND not THE PRE-RELEASE VERSION. THAT\"LL COME LATERAnyways, here we go. On one Irish-class cruiser, two advisers and an operator are conversing v Martha Vist Carbine. The Sleeves space approaching a colony mirror floating in space just choose intel had told them. They attempt to inspect the make of a mobile suit launched from the fleet yet are unable to recognize its precise model. Martha says that they\"re around 80 percent details it\"s one AMX-107. The advisers space stumped the it\"s a mobile fit from Haman\"s time, quipping that things must be difficult even because that the Neo Zeon. Nonetheless, the game between the 2 commences. The half an hour takes off very first to connect the target. Among the advisers is miffed that they\"ve brought applied their own an individual interests on a military prototype (that being a lion and also a unicorn). This whole tiny \"match\" they\"ve developed (basically it\"s a pissing contest between the two) is to stop the Vist structure from essentially doing together they please. The military built the Phenex by applying data from Unit 01 and 02 based on the \"prime field\" (素体?) that the complete psycho framework that was supplied to them in ~ an previously time for experimental use. One of the advisers order the Phenex come launch, instructing it come shoot down any kind of living target. The Rebawoo, meanwhile, decides to choose a fight v the Phenex. Evil this, the advisers space stumped. The Banshee philosophies it indigenous the rear, bringing its claw down. Yet just then, the Rebawoo splits into two units! an operator on their ship reports observing an anomalous emissions of the psycho frame from the separated new model. The banshee goes to destroy Mode, following the Rebawoo. They approach the debris ar the Phenex is lurking in. One of the advisers assignment the limiter on the Phenex be released. The various other stammers that if a resonance phenomena were to occur, the properties of the psycho framework are quiet (unknown). The Phenex goes to ruin Mode and begins that attack. A rain of beams even falls down on the Banshee. The Rebawoo, meanwhile, flees. Martha is in complete shock together she demands to understand what they\"re doing, even if it is they\"re intentionally trying come shoot down the Banshee. The operator is unable to do contact. The Phenex continues its assault on the Banshee. Both devices psycho frames have an anomalous emission. Among the advisers realizes they\"re also close come the ship and also calls because that the practice to end. The various other tries reasoning with the pilot, saying the adversary is Neo Zeon and not the Banshee. Both devices come in contact, their psycho fields developing a light. Martha is dumbfounded as she mutters that the irradiate is the psycho frame\"s resonance. She orders a termination of the program and a retreat from the sector. Confused, the advisers hail her only to be told that they\"re retreating and also it\"d be way for lock to execute the same. The comm is climate cut.The operator do the efforts in vain come order 0-3 to abandon the mission, yet it\"s already too late. The runaway Phenex repels the Banshee and also begins rushing towards the mothership, opened fire as it does. The operator notifies the advisers the there is no solution from the pilot. The other adviser screams the end that it\"s top their means while his companion orders lock to strike then retreat. The Phenex strikes the bridge. Anyone screams. The red lights of the Phenex\"s eye flash. Fade to black. Credits roll.

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Interesting, EFF made the Phenex. Wonder if they supplied Ple clones as pilots for the 3 Psyco structure suits...Thanks because that the translation.