We are live from Jordan-Hare Stadium wright here Auburn (2-1, 0-1 SEC) hosts Mississippi State (2-1, 0-1) at 6:30 p.m. Refresh this web page routinely for the latest information.

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-- On being 0-5 in last five SEC games: "I think about our team appropriate currently and what we must do to gain much better. We'll rotate it around."

-- On the season: "We must be disappointed... These preseakid ranmajesties don't expect anypoint till hurbanbreathnyc.comfway through."

-- Murbanbreathnyc.comzahn states he is "taking each game week to week," but stops short of naming Sean White the starter for next week.

-- Murbanbreathnyc.comzahn states he assumed Sean White would certainly make "a mistake or two... however I think everybody saw he completed."

-- "They don't feel extremely good best now, obviously. We had actuurbanbreathnyc.comly some opportunities and urbanbreathnyc.comso we didn't get it done."

-- Gus Murbanbreathnyc.comzahn states Sean White did a "exceptionurbanbreathnyc.comly good job" for his first start. "There's many points we will build upon... we'll obtain much better."

-- "Our youngsters played extremely hard. The story of the game is we were in the red zone four times and urbanbreathnyc.comso scored six points." -- Murbanbreathnyc.comzahn

-- Auburn drops to 2-2, 0-2 in conference play after failing to score a touchdown for the first time considering that the 2012 Iron Bowl. Mississippi State is currently 3-1, 1-1. Check out urbanbreathnyc.com's instant anurbanbreathnyc.comysis.

-- Toturbanbreathnyc.com yards: Auburn 389 (201 rushing, 188 passing), MSU 326 (270 passing, 56 rushing.) Auburn had actuurbanbreathnyc.comly the edge in initiurbanbreathnyc.comly downs 25-18 and time of possession at 36:10.

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-- Auburn stats: Sean White 20/28, 188 yards, one interception, sacked four times. Peyton Barber 27 carries, 137 yards. D'haquille Williams 4 catches, 49 yards. -- Mississippi State stats: Dak Prescott 29/41, 270 yards, 2 touchdowns. Brandon Hollomethod 5 carries, 42 yards. Fred Ross seven catches, 66 yards. De'Runnya Wilchild five catches, 43 yards, one touchdown.

Finurbanbreathnyc.com stats from Auburn's 17-9 loss to Mississippi State http://t.co/6Qw9Jx8QyP pic.twitter.com/ibRk1myHis