You"re mine life"s one Miracle, whatever I"ve excellent that"s great And you break my heart through tenderness, and also I confess it"s true I never knew a love choose this it spins you....

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You"re the factor I to be born now I lastly know because that sure and also I"m overwhelmed with joy So blessed to organize you close The one that i love most With every the future has so lot for friend in keep Who might ever love you more? The nearest thing to heaven, You"re my angel from above
just God creates together perfect looooove when you smile at me, i cry and also to conserve your life I"ll die with a romance that is pure heart, You space my dearest component everything it requires, i live for your desires Forget mine own, requirements will come before Who could ever love friend more?
well there is nothing you could ever do, To do me stop, love you and every breath ns take, Is constantly for her sake friend sleep inside my dreams and also know for sure Who could ever love friend more?

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I have never heard this track before. I’m glad I uncovered this song. I love