Celebrated Name:Mimi Rogers
Real Name/Full Name:Miriam Spickler
Age:65 year old
Birth Date:27 January 1956
Birth Place:Coral Gables, Florida, joined States
Height:1.57 m
Weight:55 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Husband/Spouse (Name):Christopher Ciaffa (m.2003)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes (Lucy Julia Rogers-Ciaffa and Charlie Rogers-Ciaffa)
Dating/Boyfriend (Name):N/A
Is Mimi Rogers Lesbian?:No
Profession:Actress, producer, poker player
Net worth in 2021:$14 million
Last Updated:September 2021

Mimi Rogers, who is a skilled poker player, is one American actress and also producer. She has done numerous films in she career favor Gung Ho in 1986, someone to Watch end Me in 1987, Desperate hours in 1990, but got an tremendous appreciation for her duty in The Rapture in 1991. Even believed to be the greatest performance in the Hollywood cinema till now by part critics. She additionally did numerous TV series like record Dolls, weapons of massive Distraction, The Loop, and also The Bosch.

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Maybe girlfriend know around Larsa Pippen really well, but do friend know how old and also tall is she and what is her network worth in 2021? If you perform not know, we have actually prepared this article about details the Larsa Pippen’s quick biography-wiki, career, experienced life, an individual life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life & Biography

Miriam Spickler, now known as Mimi Rogers, was born on 27th January 1956 in Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.A. She was the only daughter of Philip C. Spickler, a civil engineer and Kathy Talent, that did a major in dance and drama. She has actually Jewish and Episcopalian background. Scientology, an company that she father to be a part of, was a far-ranging part of her childhood.

She lived in plenty of cities such as Virginia, Arizona, Michigan, England, and Los Angeles. She constantly wanted to work-related for the needy, so she acquired herself a project in a hospital and later worked as a social worker and also did counseling because that people associated in problem abuse.

Personal Life

Rogers has tied the knot three times. When with James Rogers in 1976, she has been transporting his surname ever since, yet they separation up in 1980. Her second marriage was v Tom Cruise top top 9th may 1987 but eventually acquired divorced in February 1990. Her existing husband is chris Ciaffa, v whom she acquired married in 2003—blessed with one girl, Lucy Julia Rogers-Ciaffa, and also one boy, Charlie Rogers-Ciaffa.

Rogers to be a component of the Church the Scientology and also even introduced her ex-husband, Tom cruise come this. She is now a former member the the Church the Scientology

She is a former expert poker player. She gained interested in poker from her teenage years and also even participated in the people Poker Tour and won a considerable amount that money.

She is a strictly democrat and has additionally joined in many projects for the autonomous Party.

Age, Height, and also Weight

Being born ~ above 27 January 1956, Mimi Rogers is 65 years old together of today’s day 12th September 2021. Her elevation is 1.57 m tall, and her load is 55 kg.


Rogers started studying acting after her an initial marriage and also wanted to take up functioning as her career. In her at an early stage years, she appeared in plenty of TV collection such together Hill Street Blues, Magnum, P.I., Hart come Hart, The Roasters. Who to Watch over me was she breakthrough movie. She recorded the media’s attention v her role in The Rapture in 1991 and got an tremendous appreciation for her occupational in this film.

Rogers was likewise on the covering of the march 1993 version of Playboy magazine, whereby she make nude, which to be a far-ranging deal because that her as she wanted to pose because that Playboy because that a lengthy time.

Rogers also starred in movies like reflections on a Crime; The Mirror has actually Two-Face, trees Lounge, Austin Powers; global Man that Mystery, lost in Space, and also The Devil’s Arithmetic. She additionally appeared in countless TV collection such together Dawson’s Creek, Dumb and also Dumber; when Harry Met Lloyd, The Door in the Floor, The Loop and also Two and also a half men.

Awards & Achievements

Rogers is a really versatile actress and also has operated in many films and also series. She winner the Independent spirit Award for finest Female Lead for her duty in The Rapture. Mimi won the ideal Actress compensation in the Seattle global Film Festival for her duty in reflections on a Crime. She likewise received a nomination for Daytime Emmy compensation for exceptional Children’s distinct for the film The Devil’s Arithmetic.

Net worth & salary of Mimi Rogers in 2021

Mimi Rogers net Worth

As the September 2021, Mimi Rogers has actually a net worth that $14 million. She has done numerous movies and also TV series in her expert career. Mimi is additionally a expert poker player. She earn this fortune from her hardwork and also her talent.

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Mimi Rogers is an American actress who is renowned for her role in The Rapture. She is a expert poker player and a democrat. Mimi is married to chris Ciaffa and has 2 children. She is also a former member the Scientology. She is a an extremely versatile actor and also has functioned in plenty of awards to win films and series.