Michigan soccer starts autumn camp in simply a couple of months, for this reason we assumed it would certainly be a great time to breakdown the depth chart with some predictions. We begin off through the quarterbacks.

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Now the softball and baseball have actually made their NCAA competition runs, it’s time for finish focus on Michigan football.


The litter shownabove is simply one example of what Peters can do. He’s tall, decently athletic and throws precise football. He might not it is in the starter, yet I am i was sure he will best O’Korn in the fight to it is in the backup.

And let’s confront it, if Peters is required to play this season, ns think we can all agree we would be quite comfortable v that.


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Projected 3rd string: man O’Korn

Admittedly, once O’Korn transferred to Michigan football two periods ago, that looked choose he had actually a good chance to start in 2016. However, it never involved pass as he was directly beat out by Speight last fall.


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However, so late in the year, O’Korn’s number did acquire called versus Indiana, together Speight to be sidelined because of injury. And also while that wasn’t pretty, O’Korn led Michigan to a win.

All in all, he attempted 34 passes a season ago, completing 20 because that 173 yards, to go follow me withtwo touchdowns.

O’Korn likewise offers other a little different than Speight in that he is more capable of picking up yards ~ above the ground. Including sacks, he ran the round 12 times for 31 yards, which doesn’t sound great, however if the sack yardage were taken out, it would certainly be better.

He likewise did break off a 30-yard run versus the Hoosiers as soon as it was lot needed.

But past that added dimension, O’Korn doesn’t offer anything the Speight and Peters don’t. But heis a solid player and also he will provide good depth for another season.

Dylan McCaffrey, a highly-touted freshman quarterback could also have a say, however it appears Michigan would be way to redshirt him uneven he in which method wins the beginning job.

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Yet, due to the fact that Peters shed his redshirt critical year, there will certainly be a true competition because that the backup job and also in the end, I see it going come Peters.