The public may be divided over Michael Jackson"s legacy, yet here"s the real reason he started wearing makeup.

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Michael Jackson through dark skin circa 1980s
It"s been over ten years since the King of popular music passed away, yet fans aren"t satisfied through the rumors that have actually circulated even prior to his death.

Michael Jackson was an icon and an inspiration to millions of world all over the world. His brilliance in music to be made even an ext impressive due to the fact that of his troubled childhood and apparently poor health transparent his life.

Fans and former employees have a many stories come share around MJ, including what that was favor working for the King that Pop. However many of their thoughts and experiences are colored by implicitly biases: some civilization really love MJ, and others believed he was troubled and also up to no good.

While fans can conflict over plenty of things in Michael"s life (allegations versus him over his seemingly inappropriate relationships through children, his apparent fascination through plastic surgery, the secrecy neighboring the surrogacy and also birth that his children), most of the inquiry they have, they"ll never acquire the answers to.

Speculation is the surname of the video game when it concerns Michael Jackson; also after analysis through the autopsy report upon his passing, many of fans involved their own conclusions about his health, his happiness, and also his legacy.

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There"s no denying the MJ adjusted a lot over the years. From being center stage in the Jackson 5 to embarking ~ above a solo career, his music adjusted significantly, too. However it"s his appearance that always fascinated and also confused fans.

ago in the "70s, when Michael was a rising star, he had actually dark skin, an afro, and for a while, adorably chubby cheeks. But by the time he passed away in 2009, Michael"s skin to be pale, his sleep was much smaller and also shaped differently, and also his chin even looked to it is in a various shape.

One pan on Quora damaged down their regarded timeline that MJ"s physical changes, and they used a typical theory to define the transforming of his skin. They likewise explained why Michael started wearing makeup (and when).

The theory goes that Michael Jackson had actually vitiligo; this is a relatively widely-accepted fact. CNN reported, in fact, that Jackson"s autopsy proved the diagnosis.

What"s no agreed ~ above is as soon as the symptoms began and how MJ handled them. The Quora breakdown suggests that once Michael began arising patchy skin, he began using makeup that matched his darker skin ton to cover lock up.

yet as the vitiligo spread, pan say, Michael had actually to take it a various approach; he began wearing lighter-toned assembly to change into a paler appearance. Pan argue the MJ didn"t lighten his skin through creams or treatments; he just attempted come cover the patchiness with every little thing tone of assembly fit.

some fans also speculate that Jackson"s Neverland Ranch is haunted by none other than the King himself. Depending upon what castle believe, some fans can think it"s true the MJ"s soul lingers on at his previous home. But either way, pan are not content to allow the popular music legend remainder in peace.

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