CLARKSBURG, W.VA. (WV News) — A previous Ohio State protective tackle was sentenced to 4 3/4 years in commonwealth prison Thursday by an elderly U.S. District Judge Irene M. Keeley for serving as a courier in one Ohio-to-West Virginia methamphetamine pipeline.

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Michael Anthony Hill Jr., 25, the Columbus, Ohio, and previously native Georgia, carried the drug mainly to Gilmer County, but likewise in timber County, because that co-defendant and former Buckeye teammate Corey (Cory) Davonta blacksmith Jr., likewise known as C.J., 27, the Barberton, Ohio.

Hill likewise will need to spend 5 year on supervised release as soon as he’s released from incarceration. That receives credit for time offered in jail due to the fact that March 29, 2019, pending prosecution, and could cut time off his sentence by completing a long-term residential medicine treatment program inside prison.

Hill is likely to it is in designated come a low-security jail camp because of his lack of former criminal history, Keeley noted.

Hill, through no prior youth or adult convictions, said the court he was on his own for the very first time when he was asked to offer in the courier function by Smith. At the time, Hill to be awaiting native on even if it is he would have a job in the Canadian soccer League, according to declaration in court.

Hill, that apologized to his family and made it clear his wrongdoing hadn’t something to carry out with them, said Keeley the made a failure by not having a “Plan B” once his “Plan A” of playing in the NFL fell through.

Keeley said Hill’s usage of marijuana because age 15 or 16, consisting of while playing football and also obtaining a bachelor’s degree at Ohio State, presented him come the medicine culture. The judge has actually made it clean throughout she career she considers marijuana a potential gateway come other, an ext serious drug crimes.

Smith, that played receiver at Ohio State, will certainly be sentenced for his duty as the main supplier in the case late this year.

That consisted of Waitman Larry Frederick, also known as Cornbread, 43, of Glenville, who obtained a 14-year sentence and also 5 years of oversaw release.

Frederick previously pleaded guilty come conspiracy to distribute meth, aiding and also abetting possession through intent to distribute 50 grams or an ext of meth, aiding and also maintaining a drug-involved premises, and also unlawful possession that a firearm. Because the gun and also drug fees are most likely to operation consecutively, Frederick is most likely looking in ~ 15 year or much more behind bars. Frederick pleaded guilty there is no a plea agreement.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon Flower, the the office of U.S. Attorney invoice Powell, stated Smith was giving the meth, and also Hill would deliver the narcotics to Frederick. Frederick then was the main regional supplier, Flower previously told the court.

A large break in the situation came after hill Lakes medicine & Violent crimes Task force agents figured out Frederick as a suspect and raided his residence in November 2018. A dump from a seized cell phone sent agents looking toward Columbus as the resource of the supply of the large quantities the meth that had been mirroring up.

Smith and Hill stipulated to about 77,000 kilograms that converted drug weight, a number driven that high in huge part as result of the pure high quality of the meth he to be pushing — most of it to be “ice,” or crystal meth.

— Jerry Lee Boyers, 41, of Glenville, sentenced to time served, to add 6 years looked after release with the first 4 month on residence detention. Boyers offered meth close to Glenville State university in September 2018.

— Jeremiah Lee Carr, 32, that Glenville, sentenced to 6 month in prison, complied with by 6 years of managed release v the an initial 6 months on residence detention, for marketing meth in September 2018 near Glenville State College.

— Chet Atkins Massey, 52, that Shinnston, was sentenced to 6 month in prison, complied with by 6 year of looked after release with the very first 6 month on house detention, for marketing meth near Gilmer ar High School.




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