Things have seem to come a long method for Michael Bisping and his now former bitter competitor Yoel Romero. Ahead of Romero’s fight against champion Israel Adesanya, Bisping was a guest ~ above MMA this evening on Sirius XM and discussed Romero’s upcoming title challenge and admitted, he’s currently a fan of his former rival.

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“Yoel is a major threat for anybody, tho super explosive, clear explosive, has the wrestling, has actually the power, girlfriend know, many strong accolades yet having stated all that i do think there’s more than likely a factor he hasn’t end up being champion yet. Lord knows he’s had enough attempts, and I’m a fan of the guy. I’m a fan of Yoel Romero these days. Now that I’m no a challenger anymore, I enjoy him. I think he’s a good personality and also a hell that a fighter, therefore no animosity from me.”

As he placed their feud come rest, Bisping would suggest out that he believes several of the wars that Romero has been a component of in his vault fights, have had actually an effect on him.

“He has been in a lot of wars, that war Borrachinha , the two an extremely tough fights through Robert Whittaker, the does take some life span off her fight career. You desire to stop wars at every costs. Of course he’s also 42-years old, so i think all of that is really going come go against his favor. That said, the still does have the power, the still has one-shot capability to rotate the lamp out.”

Bisping and also Romero have had a rivalry that dates back for fairly some time. When Bisping to be champion, Romero called him the end after he defeated Chris Weidman in ~ UFC 205 in a memorable post-fight interview through Joe Rogan.

Now that Michael Bisping is retired and focused top top his occupational as analyst and broadcaster because that the UFC, it appears he’s placed an finish to the feud v Yoel Romero.

Mike Pendleton

Mike Pendleton is a current contributor come,, and also TheScrap.Co while likewise hosting his “On The Mic” podcast and works together an combine Producer top top Sirius XM’s Fight country channel.

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With a unique passion because that interviewing and also talking to few of the really best roughly the fight game, you have the right to read or hear to Mike’s work across his lot of outlets. Monitor me ~ above Twitter:

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