The same two groups from the CONCACAF yellow Cup final are set to square off in an essential Copa America Centenario group stage match.

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The Copa America Centenario is around to check out a funny match, as team C attributes a back of last year"s yellow Cup final, pitting Mexico versus Jamaica in a fight between a perennial power of CONCACAF and also a team that has made rapid innovation over the last 2 years. Considering just how entertaining critical year"s match between these groups was, knowing that both sides room even much better now says that this game can be a highlight of the tournament.

We"re going to view high-flying pace, we"ll check out hard-nosed midfielders, and there will be do the efforts at tactics both clever and also disciplined. No El Tri no one the Reggae Boyz will ago down from this match, with Mexico wanting come assert their prominence over the group and also their CONCACAF rivals, and also with Jamaica wanting to even the score and also bounce back from their group-opening loss come Venezuela. There"s a lot of on the line in this match, and that will only make because that a fantastic display.

Key player -- Wes Morgan (Jamaica)

We witnessed how vital Morgan to be to Jamaica in the first match. He began on the bench thanks to attract himself the end celebrating Leicester City"s EPL title, but came off the bench late in the first half to great effect, slowing under a formerly rampant Venezuela attack. Currently that he has some time ~ above the key under his belt and also some much more distance indigenous those raucous parties, hope he deserve to make the same kind of affect against Mexico, this time indigenous the first whistle. If he can keep Chicharito under control, it would certainly be a substantial boost come Jamaica"s possibilities of gaining something out of this match.

Key matchup -- Hector Herrera (Mexico) vs. Lee Williamson (Jamaica)

Herrera to be the standout star for Mexico in their team stage opener versus Uruguay, overcoming midfield both in and also out that possession, play a more an innovative game 보다 we"re provided to seeing from him and also bossing the midfield as soon as Uruguay to be on the ball. That"s a frightening point for Jamaica to challenge considering how bad their midfield looked in your match versus Venezuela, v Rodolph Austin being sent off and Michael Hector having a damaging performance. Lee Williamson will need to step up and have a an excellent showing in spite of his proceeding years -- yet if Herrera it s okay the ideal of him, it"s going come be another long, nail-biting day because that Jamaica fans.

Match Date/Time: Thursday, 10 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. Local

Venue: rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif.

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TV: Fox sports 1 (U.S. - English), Univision, Univision Deportes (U.S. - Spanish), Azteca 7, UnivisionTDN, TDN (Mexico), SportsMax 2 (Jamaica)

Online: Fox football 2 Go, Fox sporting activities Go, fuboTV (U.S.)

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