Same Old Lang Syne Chords#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------##This record is the author"s very own work and represents their interpretation of the ##song. You might only usage this record for personal study, scholarship, or research. ##------------------------------------------------------------------------------#Song: same OLD LANG SYNEArtist: Dan FogelbergChords by: Louie A. EbojoFrom: Standard Tuning: EADGBeChords:Emx02210C133211F7x13131FM71x3210use thumb on sixth (E) stringGx32010FM7/G3x3210GM7x35453Cm6130111 or 1x0111 usage thumb on 6th (E) stringA7/F#2x0210D320003A7xx0210Am6xx0431Bm022000Note:The track is initially played using Em piano, the chordsAre arranged for Em guitar.Intro:C-Am-C-Am-C-Am-D7/F#-F-G- G EmMet my old lover in a grocery store G EmThe eye was fallout’s Christmas eve G EmI stole behind she in the frozen foods items A7/F# FM7 DAnd i touched she on her sleeve G EmShe didn"t identify the challenge at an initial G EmBut then she eye flew open vast G EmShe saw hug me and also she spilled her purse A7 FM7 DAnd us laughed until we cried.Interlude: (Do intro chords) G EmShe took she groc"ries come the check-out was standing G EmThe food to be totaled up and bagged G EmWe was standing there lost in ours embarrassment A7 FM7 DAs the conversation dragged G EmWent to have ourselves a drink or two G EmBut couldn"t find and open bar G EmBought a six-pack in ~ the liquor store A7 FM7 DAnd we drank the in her car.Refrain: Em CWe drank a toast to innocence D EmWe drank a toast to currently Em CWe tried to reach beyond the emptiness DBut no one knew how.(2nd verse Chords)She said she married her an architectWho retained her warm and safe and dryShe would"ve liked to say she loved the manBut she didn"t like to lie.I stated the years had actually been a friend to herAnd she eyes was still as blueBut in those eyes i wasn"t certain if ISaw a doubt the gratitude. G EmShe stated she experienced in the record stores G EmAnd the I must be doing well G EmI stated the audience to be heavenly A7 CBut the travelling to be hell.Refrain:Em CWe drank a toast to innocence D EmWe drank a toast to now Em CWe tried come reach beyond the emptiness DBut neither one knew how. Em CWe drank a toast come innocence, D EmWe drank a toast to time. Em CReliving in our eloquence D pauseAnother "auld lang syne."(2nd verse Chords)The beer was empty and also our tongues to be tiredAnd running the end of things to sayShe offered a kiss to me as I acquired outAnd i watched her journey awayJust because that a minute I was back in schoolAnd felt the old familiar painAnd together I turn to make my method back house FM7/G-GThe snow turned into rain.Outro:CM7-Dm6-CM7-F-G,C-Fm6-Em-F-G-Bb7-CM7I dig this song so much, ns kinda relate come it! thanks Alex!
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Same Old Lang Syne tabs
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Daniel Grayling Fogelberg (August 13, 1951 – December 16, 2007) to be an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, whose music was motivated by resources as varied as folk, pop, classical, jazz, and bluegrass music.Indexed in ~ Wikipedia.

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