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Dr. Wily ultimately concedes that Mega guy may it is in too much for his evil robotic creations. Established to obtain the ideal of the blue bomber, Dr. Wily contacts one more famous villain, Bowser! Having merged their forces, Dr Wily and Bowser unleash their new destructive creations upon the Mushroom Kingdom. After ~ hearing news the Wily’s new plan, Mega male decides to take trip to the Mushroom Kingdom himself to prevent Wily again. Mega male now finds himself in a strange brand-new world filled with obstacles and also locales very foreign come him. Fearless, Mega male presses on come Super Mario’s old stoming grounds to defeat these brand-new foes.

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Mega male in the MK is set in various classic Mario games. Including Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 and also World. Megaman faces off versus Wily’s Bosses and also Bowser’s minions. This being Super Mario’s World, the gladly helps the end Mega guy by boosting his jumping power and also outfitting the Blue Bomber with several of his old garbs.


The 6 main starting levels have actually had extensive level design and graphics modifications.Every single enemy graphic had actually been readjusted in come a Mario themed bad guy.Megaman can jump higher.Every boss has actually been do easier, their shots do less damage, Megaman’s perform more.The first 2 that 4 Wily stages have actually had extensive graphic modifications yet only young level design tweaks (Game engine Constraints)The critical 2 the 4 Wily stages just undertook young tweaks to do them much less utterly frustrating. (Made easier)Minor title display screen edit, minor text edits here and also there.Symbols representing their particular powers have been put in ar of letters in the pause/power menu. (A bomb symbol rather of a “B”, Fire ball instead of” F”)
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A an excellent idea the was quite fun, yet could it is in a whole lot better.......Supergamerguy26 Jul 20201.0No
So i played this hack the various other dayGoogie11 Feb 20201.0Yes
OutdatedRussianManSMWC03 Oct 20191.0No
A amazing take on 2 classics.

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Kallisto05 Feb 20171.0Yes
Too numerous odd glitches, yet playableFrankensteinsRobot03 Sep 2013N/AYes
Nice fusion. However...megaman_powered_down09 jan 2011N/AYes