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This is the method the prestigious professional boxing career of Floyd Mayweather ends, not v a bang, however a whimper.

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After 19 years of pugilistic supremacy, Mayweather"s storied undefeated run concerns an (apparent) finish TONIGHT (Sat., Sept. 12, 2015) as soon as he take away on previous WBC and IBF champion Andre Berto inside MGM grand Garden Arena in las Vegas, Nevada. will provide LIVE coverage that "Mayweather vs. Berto" below, beginning with the Showtime pay-per-view (PPV) transfer at 8 p.m. ET.

Mayweather (48-0, 26 KO) finally faced long-time rival Manny Pacquiao earlier this year, taking house a unanimous decision in incredibly underwhelming fashion. He had actually previously spent every one of 2014 handling Marcos Maidana, who he edged in the an initial fight and also cruised past in the second.

Berto (30-3, 23 KO), meanwhile, has actually won 2 straight because his upset loss to Jesus Soto Karass. After finishing a 13-month layoff v a decision over Steve Upsher Chambers, Berto quit the gritty Josesito Lopez in the sixth round last March.

The various other legitimate champion under The Money Team (TMT) umbrella, Badou Jack (19-1-1, 12 KO), join the card together well, placing his WBC supervisor Middleweight location on the line against George Groves (21-2, 16 KO). Jack earn his belt through a win over the unbeaten Anthony Dirrell in April, if Groves is talk a two-fight victory streak because his trembling duology with Carl Froch.

The PPV boxing card will likewise include a pair the Mexico vs. Puerto Rico showdowns: WBO at sight Featherweight Champion roman Martinez (29-2-2, 17 KO) looking for his second win end Orlando Salido (43-13-2, 29 KO) in the co-main event and also Jhonny Gonzalez (58-9, 49 KO) opened the card against Jonathan Oquendo (25-4, 16 KO), additionally at 130 pounds.

*Note: Play-by-play updates will start from the bottom up; therefore, scroll under the web page for the recent results.


Welterweight: Floyd Mayweather def. Andre Berto through unanimous decision (117-111, 118-110, 120-108)

Super Featherweight: roman Martinez draws through Orlando Salido (115-113, 113-115, 114-114)

Super Middleweight: Badou Jack def. George Groves by separation decision (113-114, 115-112, 116-111)

Super Featherweight: Jonathan Oquendo def. Jhonny Gonzalez by bulk decision (94-94, 95-93, 98-90)


Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto

Round one: Jabbing early. Floyd"s the quicker of the two, that seems. An excellent jabs from Mayweather. Berto struggling to reach Floyd with his very own jab. One minute in. Much more jabs; neither man"s landed a clean strength punch yet. One minute to go. Clinch. Lead left hook through Floyd. Clinch. This fight is godawful already. 10-9 Mayweather.

Round two: Berto whiffs, Floyd clinches. An ext jabs through Mayweather. Clinch. One minute in. More jabs. Clinch. Ns am unreasonably upset at this fight. Floyd whiffs ~ above a left hook, clinch. Berto it s okay him to the ropes and also misses through some punches before Floyd clinches. One minute come go. Left hook indigenous Floyd. Clinch. Blargh. 20-18 Mayweather.

Round three: Berto trying to jab v him, no really finding any success. Looping appropriate from Floyd. One minute in. Clinch. Berto whiffs ~ above some much more punches and also Floyd clinches. Berto actually somewhat aggressive, thankfully. One minute come go. Respond to right from Mayweather, who slips. An ext pursuit by Berto, clinch. Command left by Floyd. 30-27 Mayweather.

Round four: There room nine much more rounds that this. Nine rounds. 27 minute of fighting and also another eight in between rounds. Why.

Decent offensive burst because that Berto through Mayweather ~ above the ropes. Berto"s trying, I"ll provide him that. One minute in. He can"t land a clean shot and also Mayweather"s using his normal mix that clinching and great right hands. Left hook through Berto. One minute come go. Clinch. Clinch. 40-36 Mayweather.

Round five: Berto swings and either misses or hits shoulder. Floyd ties up and also lands good right hand potshots. Floyd gratuitously abuses the reality that Kenny Bayless is as well spineless to take it a suggest for clinching. Viewers that this fight concern both themselves and also the society that let this abominable point happen. It"s a Mayweather fight and also it looks specifically like friend pictured it would. Berto, bless him, is doing his best, however he doesn"t have actually the accuracy or volume to record Floyd, who"s giving him every chance by chilling the end on the ropes. 50-45 Mayweather.

Round six: according to replays, Berto punched Floyd straight in the junk during that round, i beg your pardon is about as much of a moral victory together he could reasonably expect.

Floyd actually lands a pair of decent power shots. Berto comes back with a counter left hook. Floyd soil a command left hook, best hand, and left hook as the last minute rolfes around. More good jabs and a respond to right through Floyd. Both land rights inside. Floyd come the body in the last few seconds. 60-54 Mayweather.

Round seven: Both of castle bonk the body. I say "bonk" because things prefer "attack" suggest actual possibility of injury. Berto"s actually not doing as well terribly bad, but that could be due to the fact that Floyd is acting favor he proper cares. Berto"s missing with pretty much everything of note save for part short-range punches he"s smothering as result of the distance. Clinche. Bonk bonk.

Now Floyd actually opens up up a bit and Berto fires back. Maybe do a bit an ext of that. 70-63 Mayweather.

Round eight: we did this. Us let this happen. We"re every complicit in this,

Go, Berto. Swing your tiny little T-Rex arms. We have actually no faith in you, yet we all wish friend well. Rage, Berto. Rage.

Oh hey, Floyd actually looked choose he was trying to hurt him because that a few seconds there. Can"t be having actually that. More clinching! an ext jabs! an ext decent best hands that utterly fail to hurt a man who obtained dropped a an unified four time by Victor Ortiz and also Robert Guerrero! perform your thing, Floyd. Girlfriend bastard. 80-72 Mayweather.

Round nine: You know the saddest point in this, a beautiful menagerie of sadness? over there are human being who paid $75 to clock this on PPV in HD. These space thinking, functional human beings. These civilization vote.

No, wait, the saddest point is the females in the audience chanting "TBE" to their woman-beating cretin that a hero, who will it is in making almost $1 million per minute in guarantees alone.

Oh hey, much more forehead-to-forehead punches from method too near a distance to have actually any influence at all. We got about ten secs of actual combat in the last thirty seconds or so, so there"s that at least. 90-81 Mayweather.

Round ten: You know what i want? I want aliens to it is in watching this. I desire aliens, wise and giving, to monitor our transmissions and watch this. I desire them to watch that we are not precious saving.

I likewise want them to abduct Kenny Bayless and beat him over the head until the indigenous "excessive clinching constitutes a foul" space etched right into every wrinkled crevasse the his brain. 100-90 Mayweather.

Round eleven: oh my god, Vergil Hunter in reality told Berto the fight was close. He"s suffering enough, Vergil, you don"t have to lie to the man.

This struggle is every little thing we meant it come be. If you"re wonder why I"m so reluctant to actually execute a technical review of each round, it"s because I desire you to check out this. If you"re reading this, you"re not watching the fight, and also that"s the just mercy I have the right to provide.

Floyd simply tried to pump up the crowd. There room people, actual people, was standing up and cheering. These human being walk amongst us. 110-99 Mayweather.

Round twelve: perform you want to be entertained tonight? go over come BadLeftHook"s comment section. Those glorious bastards space on friggin" fire ideal now.

Floyd hasn"t even managed to reduced Berto or do him swell up. Berto"s challenge is made the end of building paper. You might close one of his eyes through harsh language. Speak what you will around Guillermo Rigondeaux, at the very least he has actually the decency to actually hurt people. And of course Floyd flat-out runs away for the last fifteen minutes. 120-108 Mayweather. God assist us all.

Final result: Mayweather def. Berto by unanimous decision


Roman Martinez vs. Orlando Salido

Round one: Vic Drakulich, who I have actually been educated is not actually a vampire, is the 3rd man in the ring.

Salido on the advance. Both males winging power punches immediately. Martinez throw well off the back foot. Salido touches the body amid the counters Martinez is firing together he circles. One minute in. Appropriate hook by Martinez. Human body shot indigenous Salido. Overhand right. Salido digs in part lefts in the clinch. 1-2 through Martinez, Salido goes come the body. Both guys land come the body and they clinch. Salido moves him to the ropes and also lands some great blows inside. 3-2 through Salido, after which both guys land in combination. 10-9 Salido.

Round two: Salido proceeding to walking in, searching for body shots and overhand rights. Mix from Martinez, human body shots native Salido. An excellent straight ideal lands clean for Salido. Martinez comes earlier with a 2 piece and also they exchange at close range. Salido"s landing the much better shots. One minute in. Looping mix from Siri. Martinez come the body, Salido answers. Body shot, uppercut, appropriate hand through Salido. Martinez so much unable to sluggish him down. Another mix and human body shot by Salido. Martinez is landing decent shots but not slowly Salido down. One minute to go. Solid footwork by the Puerto Rican. Clinch. Martinez soil a combination before the bell. 20-18 Salido.

Round three: Salido keeps on trundling along. Martinez continuing to circle well and also lands a ideal hand. Salido comes earlier with a combination. Difficult right to the body and also Martinez it s okay off-balance; the ref calls the a knockdown, however it"s arguable. One minute in. Both men landing tough shots. Big combo through Salido. Salido come the body, Martinez comes earlier with a ideal to the head. An excellent exchanges; Martinez floor his very own body shots and also jabs. One minute in. Martinez captures him with a counter and Salido stumbles come the mat.. It to be inevitable, really. Good 1-2 through Martinez. Combination by the champ until the bell. 29-28 Salido, since the two knockdowns release out.

Round four: They get right back to the violence early on on. An additional hard best staggers Salido and also the champ forces him ago with heavy shots. Salido"s return fire connects and Martinez slips, providing Siri a breather. One minute in. Salido come the body. Inspect hook and combination by Martinez. Good body shots by both men. Salido cracks him with tough shots ~ above the ropes. Left hook by Salido, nasty human body shots indigenous Martinez. One minute to go. Salido doing well on the advance. Both destruction inside. Straight appropriate by Salido. Martinez cuffs him with a left prior to the bell. 39-37 Salido.

Round five: Salido proceeds plodding forward, landing and also eating shots in roughly equal measure. Uppercuts and also looping punches land because that both men. Hard right by Salido gets Martinez"s attention and also the follow-up shots attach clean. One minute in. They trade in the clinch. Hard left hook by Salido. Martinez again struggling to store his opponent away. Good rights by the mexican vet. He moves Martinez come the ropes and lands more wide punches. Uppercuts and also hooks and straights; Martinez is landing but not virtually with the same efficacy together earlier. Salido ripping to the body. 1-2-3 through Martinez as Salido pressures him back. Wilting human body shot native Salido. Fun round. 49-46 Salido.

Round six: Salido remaining busy with hard punches come the head and body. They profession in the corner; savage body blows from both men. Short left hook from Martinez. Double hook to the human body from Salido, 2-3 afterwards. An additional hard appropriate from Salido. One minute in. An additional hard right. Martinez sneaks a hard uppercut through the guard. Both tags the body. Tough hook native Salido. One minute to go. Clinch. Mix by Martinez. Left hook native Salido, clinch. Martinez soil some good shots in return before the bell. 59-55 Salido.

Round seven: Martinez clinches up. He manages to circle far from some broad punches. Clinch. Ideal to the body from Salido. Quite brawl close to the ropes. Left hook and also uppercut by Salido. One more left hook, climate a three-piece combo. Quite punches native Salido. He"s landing an impressively high number of those looping power punches. Uppercut native Martinez. One minute come go. Another good uppercut native Martinez. Salido landing more good rights and a left hook. Come the human body now. Martinez is game however eating a worrying variety of punches indigenous Salido. Martinez is just straight-up trying to slug through him and also it"s not working. 69-64 Salido.

Round eight: Both land some nasty punches top top the ropes. Good exchanges. Uppercuts through Salido. Martinez take away him come the ropes and also they proceed to trade. An excellent work through Martinez. One minute in. Nasty body shots by Salido and he lands a long collection of an excellent punches. Great body shot by Salido. Martinez come the head. Martinez isn"t relocating like he demands to. That does land some nice human body shots yet Salido forces him ago with a directly right. Oh, huge shots indigenous Salido. Martinez gets him come the ropes and also lands some good shots prior to being compelled out. 79-73 Salido.

Round nine: much more of the same; Martinez isn"t boxing prefer he has to and he"s letting too plenty of of Salido"s looping shots through. Good trade in ~ forehead-to-forehead range. One minute in. Brutal body shot by Siri. Combination lands, Martinez come back. They dig at nearby range. Huge uppercut through Salido, Martinez litter a combination. Body shots and also a nasty top from Salido. Salido"s body shots are brutal. Salido forces him ago in a head-to-head clash. One minute to go. Quite combo indigenous Martinez, Salido comes ago with among his own. Nice human body shot by Martinez and an overhand right. Salido steps in through a left. Brutal punches indigenous both guys at the bell; Martinez acquired the better of the end, however it"s tho a Salido round. 89-82 Salido.

Round ten: an ext point-blank exchanges. Salido to the body v multiple hooks. Hard left hooks through Martinez as soon as he gets part space. He gets Salido come the corner and also opens up with some great shots. Salido comes back with hard shots in ~ close range. Both males to the body. 1-2-3 by Salido, then another thunderous left to the body. Martinez pressures him back to the ropes. Halfway through the round. Left hook and also left uppercut native Salido. Martinez continues firing back. One minute to go. Swatting blows indigenous Martinez. Clinch after an excellent shots through Martinez. Clinch. They continue to swing through reckless aplomb till the end. 98-92 Salido.

Round eleven: Martinez top top the breakthrough now. He"s fighting v a commendable sense of urgency. Martinez forcing him to the ropes and also corners. Salido to the body. One minute in. Clinch. Martinez boxing much better this round. Clinch. Body shots land for him. Salido answer in kind. Ref pauses the struggle to remove some loosened tape native Martinez"s glove. Salido digs part nasty shots to the body. Clinch. One minute to go. Flurry from Martinez. Currently they pause the fight to put an ext tape top top Martinez"s glove. Left hook from Salido, clinch. They dig inside. Salido comes on solid with a flurry at the end of the round. 107-102 Salido.

Round twelve: Salido immediately goes come the body, forcing Martinez back. Clinch. Salido wading forward together both men wing hefty shots. Mix by Salido. Martinez cracks him through a left hook. Combo indigenous Martinez. One minute in. An ext body shots by Salido and a appropriate uppercut. Left hook native Salido. Salido to the body between clinches. Hard shots indigenous both men. One minute come go. Hefty shots through Salido; he"s certainly getting the far better of these. Martinez winging hooks in solution and landing. An excellent body blows by the champ. Hefty shots indigenous both men. Substantial shots by Salido till the bell. 117-111 Salido.

Final result: split draw


Badou Jack vs. George Groves

Round one: Both males come the end quickly. Groves shoot the jab. Jack jabs the body. One minute in. Both men jabbing high and low. Clinch. Left hook by Groves. Clinch, Jack works inside. One minute come go. Best hand by Jack. Groves through a glancing right. Jack crack him through a ideal cross, climate drops Groves to his knees with an overhand right. The Brit renders it up v time come spare. Jack comes the end firing, but no end up materializes. 10-8 Jack.

Round two: Jack floor a 1-2 beforehand on. That looks because that the overhand, can"t connect. Jab come the body. Groves v a respond to combination. One minute in. Groves ~ above the former foot. Jack"s to win the jab battle. An excellent body jabs by the champion. Counter right by Jack and both guys trade to the body inside. One minute to go. Groves floor a right approximately the guard. Clinch. Respond to right by Groves after acquisition a 1-2. Competitive round. 20-17 Jack.

Round three: Groves looking to jab with him. Lead best by Jack. Mix by Groves. One minute in. 1-2 native Jack, Groves comes ago to the body. Appropriate hand roughly the guard. Jack soil a looping right and also they exchange at close range. 1-2 by Jack knocks Groves back. Groves measures inside with hefty blows, Jack looks come respond in kind. One minute come go. 1-2 by Jack. Groves eats a respond to right and body shot, after i beg your pardon they profession inside. 30-26 Jack, however these last two rounds to be close.

Round four: Round starts with a jab battle. Groves looks for rights. No large power punches in the very first minute. 1-2 by Groves connects. Jack to the body. Lead right lands because that him, as does a 1-2. Jack come the body. Groves whiffs on part uppercuts. One minute to go. 1-2 through Jack, they go to the body at point-blank. Counter right by Groves after taking one to the body. Solid jabs and a pair of best hands prior to the bell land because that Groves. 40-35 Jack.

Round five: The jab fight continues. 3-2 from Groves. Jack tho targeting the body. Best cross native Groves. Stubborn jab connects. One minute in. Both males dig civil liberties to the body and they exchange inside. Jack come the body with his right, Groves walk the same and also takes a quick overhand. Best by Groves. One minute to go. Clinch. 1-2 indigenous Groves, then a hefty cross inside. Groves is having actually his best round of the fight. Lead ideal by Jack right into the clinch. 49-45 Jack.

Round six: Groves starting to success the jab battle. Triple jab by Groves. Jack doubles up his own jab and blocks a wide right hand. Overhand native Jack and also they profession inside. One minute in. 1-2 from Jack. They clinch and also Jack digs a right hand come the body. Overcome from Groves. 1-2 through Jack. One minute come go. Appropriate to the body. Groves pushes him ago with the jab and also lands some nice appropriate hands. Jack acquisition them well. 1-2 through Groves, Jack catches him with a respond to right close to round"s end. 58-55 Jack.

Round seven: Left hook to the body from Jack. Groves answers. Jack pushes him earlier with his jab. Groves circles and comes back. 1-2 by Jack, Groves" is blocked. Inside occupational by Groves. One minute in. Jack through a best to the body. 3-2 by Groves. 1-2 indigenous Groves. Body shots. Both soil uppercuts come the body and also swing rights prior to clinching. Jack through a best downstairs. Forty-five seconds to go. Clinch. Nice right by Jack. They grind away on the inside till the bell. 68-64 Jack.

Round eight: an ext jabs to start the round. 1-2 and uppercut land for Jack. Nice human body shot by Jack, 보다 an overhand in the clinch. Left hook, right to the body. One minute in. Quite jab through Groves. Hard counter cross indigenous Groves, Jack goes come the body. Both destruction to the body, Groves loops a right around the guard. One minute come go. Human body exchange. Both land legal rights inside. An additional cuffing appropriate by Groves. Clinch. Ideal by Groves again, they trade to the human body inside. Groves mister him v a pair the rights prior to the bell. 78-73 Jack.

Round nine: Jack opens up the round aggressively. Looping appropriate by Jack, climate on the counter. Groves come the body. Groves shoves him back. One minute in. Both land an excellent rights, after i m sorry Jack goes come the body. Good trades at close range. 1-1-2 through Jack. Another overhand. Jack pressures him into the corner and both land some questionable body shots. They profession in facility ring, still donate Jack. One minute to go. Jack remaining aggressive, landing come the body. Groves throwing turn off his earlier foot. Human body shots and overhand civil liberties by Jack. Groves comes earlier with a right near the bell. 88-82 Jack.

Round ten: Jabs continue to satisfy faces. Overhand appropriate from Jack, overhand appropriate from Groves. Stubborn jab snaps Jack"s head back. Clinch. One minute in. Combination lands for Groves. Appropriate hand and also left uppercut best afterwards. Clinch. Jack finding his rhythm again. One minute to go. 1-3 indigenous Jack, both guys land an excellent right hands. Overhand ideal from Groves access time the optimal of Jack"s head. Hard respond to right come the human body by Jack and also they roughhouse in the clinch. Jack rips come the body after they exchange ideal hands. 97-92 Jack.

Round eleven: Jabbity jab jabs. 1-1-2 indigenous Groves connects. Jack come the body through the right. Once much more after a prolonged jab exchange. One minute in. Jack top top the front foot. Lead right lands for him. 1-2 indigenous Groves, counter right by Groves. One minute to go. 3-2 indigenous Groves. Again, Jack comes back with a directly right. Both guys land inside. Lengthy right native Jack. Inspect hook by Jack, climate to the body. 1-1-2 through Jack, the ideal to the body, and also Groves comes back to the guts. Lock swing difficult inside. 107-101 Jack.

Round twelve: Jack continues to manage the fight v his jab and bodywork. Clinch, Jack exits v a left downstairs. Uppercut and also right cross by Groves. One minute in. Good trade inside. Overhand right from Jack and a left hook. Overcome from Groves, Jack mugs the inside. Straight ideal lands because that Jack. One minute come go. Groves v a combination. Rights from both. Both floor looping rights. They"re both searching for the complete in the last couple of seconds .117-110 Jack.

Final result: Jack def. Groves by split decision


Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Jonathan Oquendo

Round one: well known idiot Russell Mora will certainly be the referee.

Gonzalez looks favor the bigger guy there despite having contended for part time at lower weights. Slow-moving start come the round, Gonzalez circling and jabbing. Minor technical difficulties method I miss out on the second minute, during which Oquendo gets dropped by a nasty uppercut. He beats the count and comes the end aggressively. Oquendo trying to find right hands, floor a an excellent left hook. Gonzalez sneaks in a best hand, Oquendo answers. 10-8 Gonzalez

Round two: Some issues with headbutts in the early on going. Oquendo pressures his means inside, clinched. Gonzalez looks because that the uppercut again, gets moved to the ropes and also popped v a left hook. More technical issues, but my feeding comes earlier in time to check out Oquendo send Gonzalez to the mat through a heavy cross. He provides it up, just to acquire stung by one more right hook. Oquendo ~ above the attack and also Gonzalez"s legs are not there. Oquendo forces him come the ropes and also both guys swing hefty leather before the bell. Gonzalez"s chin betrays him as soon as again; 18-18.

Round three: Gonzalez wades in through a looping right right into the clinch. Oquendo slips on part water. Gonzalez top top the counter, firing left handed combinations. Good 1-2 native Gonzalez, who slips together well. Vicious body shots by Gonzalez. Clinch, one minute in. Clinch. Oquendo in search of the cross counter. Lengthy right hand forces Gonzalez come the ropes. Clinch. Lead left hook from the Puerto Rican, mix from Gonzalez. Clinch. One minute come go. Oquendo functioning from southpaw, just stays clear of a examine hook. Great counter left lands because that him. Hard body shot appropriate after. Gonzalez soil a respond to right and a mix to force his man earlier before the bell. 28-27 Oquendo.

Round four: lead left hook indigenous Oquendo. Gonzalez to the body, eats a nice appropriate hand. Oquendo through a lead right into the clinch. Gonzalez bounces a 3-2 off the guard. Left hook by the mexican vet. One minute in. 1-1-2 by Oquendo, 1-2 indigenous Gonzalez. Gonzalez to the body. Oquendo looking to loop the right hand around the guard, eats a looping right himself. Another left hook indigenous Gonzalez. One minute to go. Oquendo"s not pressuring favor before. Overhand right lands because that him. Bell. 37-37.

Round five: Oquendo go low-high, landing a an excellent right hand. One more cross over Gonzalez"s jab. Left hook, left uppercut by Gonzalez, then a respond to body shot. Oquendo going ago to the pressure, gets clinched. Gonzalez proceeds to speed the left uppercut. Oquendo bounces some shots off the guard. One minute in. Overhand right and also borderline low punch by Oquendo. Both guys go to the body and Gonzalez slips. Gonzalez human body shot, clinch. Oquendo return to southpaw. One minute come go. Clinch. Long left to the human body lands. Again. Another one prior to the bell, clinch. Gonzalez soil a appropriate downstairs before eating one more left. 47-46 Oquendo.

Round six: Oquendo goes back to the body early. Gonzalez using left hand to try to fend the off, eats one overhand. Gonzalez to the body, 1-2, examine hook. Gonzalez flicking out the jab. One minute in. Left hook indigenous Oquendo. Gonzalez 1-2 blocked. Oquendo moves him come the ropes, clinch. Overhand right, Gonzalez comes ago with a tough low-high combination. Another great body shot indigenous Gonzalez together Oquendo bring away him to the ropes. Clinch, one minute to go. Combination from Gonzalez, clinch. Oquendo"s act a an excellent job of keeping the much longer man ~ above the ropes. Nasty combo indigenous Gonzalez prior to the bell. 56-56.

Round seven: Oquendo comes the end on the former foot. 3-2 lands for him, left hook upstairs. Gonzalez functioning his jab. Clinch, one minute in. Again. Oquendo looks because that the body. An additional shot strays a little low. Mauro Renallo forgets that open scoring exists, i beg your pardon is amusing. Oquendo continuing to be busy with body work. One minute come go. Mix by the Puerto Rican. Vicious combo by Gonzalez, Oquendo eats that well. Clinch. Gonzalez digs come the organs inside. 66-65 Oquendo.

Round eight: Oquendo moves inside, digs with quick punches. Great uppercut by Gonzalez. Left hook, best hand, same again native Oquendo. Gonzalez gets cut again from an inadvertent butt. One minute in. Dual left hook by Gonzalez, first one to the body. Clinch. Body shot, clinch. Left hook from Oquendo. Left up height from Gonzalez, Oquendo takes him come the corner. Clinch. One minute come go. They grind inside. One more counter body shot through Gonzalez and also they clinch. Yet one more body blow and some heavy shots inside by Gonzalez prior to round"s end. 75-75.

Round nine: Uppercut native Gonzalez, Oquendo continues his front march. Clinch. Clinch. An excellent right indigenous Gonzalez inside. Clinch. Oquendo"s blows from exterior just aren"t landing clean. Pause to look at the headbutt-borne cuts over Gonzalez"s eyes. One minute in.Nasty human body shots by Gonzalez. Oquendo sneaks in an uppercut inside. Oquendo it s okay inside and also goes to the body, clinches. Left hook from Oquendo and Gonzalez slips. Ideal hand up top by the Puerto Rican. Clinch. One minute to go. One more counter body shot by Gonzalez. They destruction to the human body in the clinch. Again, clinch. They profession inside to end the round, Gonzalez winning the exchanges with some rib roasters. 85-84 Gonzalez.

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Round ten: Oquendo start the clinch v a body shot and they roughhouse for a bit. Overhand right from that whiffs, straight ideal soon after walk not. Human body shot, clinch. Again. One minute in. They pause to reduced some loosened tape indigenous Oquendo"s gloves. They trade to the human body in the clinch. Much more work inside from both men. An ext clinches. Oquendo come the body, clinch. Clinch. Gonzalez soil some an excellent shots inside. One minute to go. Oquendo come the body, clinch. Clinch. Yet more clinching, both men whacking away v their cost-free hand. Gonzalez ends the round v an overhand right. 94-94.