Boxer Maxim Dadashev passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 28 indigenous injuries suffered during his fight versus Subriel Matias ~ above Friday.

Dadashev"s strength and also conditioning coach, Donatas Janusevicius, and his trainer, girlfriend McGirt, educated ESPN the Dadashev"s death.

McGirt threw in the bath towel after the 11th ring of the bout, and also Dadashev later underwent surgical procedure to relieve a subdural hematoma (brain bleeding), which resulted in him being inserted in a medically induced coma.

ESPN"s Brett Okamoto and Andrew Feldman, as well as boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, comment on Dadashev"s death:

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Brett Okamoto

Awful, awful news. Https://

Andrew Feldman

We love watching combat sports, yet keeping every little thing in perspective is far more important. This athletes are professionals in exceptionally dangerous careers and also stories choose this must remind everyone that it's never simply "a fight". RIP Max.

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Eddie Hearn

So terribly sad come hear the news the the happen of Maxim Dadashev. Remainder in peace