We’d love to welcome you to Hotel Max and show friend a new means to stay in Seattle. Browser our exclude, offers, rates, and also packages, and start planning your stay.

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Climb come the peak of the space Needle and gaze down at the bright vivid colors transparent the city. Save up come 20% through rates starting at $89 and go ~ above the ultimate loss vacation with fewer crowds, too many of warm coffee, and also impressive loss foliage.

Not prepared to end your getaway? thrive in that autumn feeling simply a little bit longer and get your third night for cost-free when you publication 2 nights in ~ our flexible Rate.

Ditch your ride v us and get right to experimenting Seattle. Park for complimentary and get out and around to explore the city.

The Hotel

Designed because that the Creatively Inclined

Part the the renowned Provenance hotels collection, Hotel Max is a boutique hotel experience created creators. This is downtown Seattle’s location for big imaginations — a place where art, photography, and also music mingle withplayful signature amenities, and plenty that attitude. And also the initial Andy Warhol in the lobby is simply the beginning. Indigenous the comfortable accommodations to the thoughtful touch you’ll reap throughout her stay, Hotel Max will certainly be her muse.


Around Town

The facility of Seattle

Conveniently poised in ~ the corner of SW 7th Avenue and also Stewart Street, Hotel Max is within walking distance of Pike location Market, the adjacent shopping districts and also many the the city’s other cultural attractions. Indigenous the space Needle and Museum the Pop culture in downtown reduced Queen anne to the hip cumulative of live independence bars, restaurants and shops in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Hotel Max is in the center of Seattle’s action.


The appropriate Seattle sleepover because that design-minded, fun-loving metropolitan explorers, with 190-200 square feet that artfully make space.

Need an ext space to chill? select from our 325 square feet Max Two double Beds or our 270 square feet Max King rooms.

Featuring 375 square feet that hang-out space, ours bunk rooms accommodate approximately five people in 4 beds: a full bed topped through a pair bunk bed and also two nearby twin bunk beds.

Our 5th floor rooms pay homage to below Pop Records, Seattle’s most iconic indie record label, and feature a curated arsenal of vinyl that is regularly updated.

Our easily accessible guestrooms room crafted to meet the needs of travelers who call for mobility, hearing and also vision accessible accommodations.

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Meetings & Events

Maximize her Meetings

periodically you require a location to sit down and also hash points out. Various other times you need lots of an are to blow everyone’s mind. At Hotel Max, we have both.