Fantasy football main 9 picks, sleepers, busts and rankings: Matthew Berry loves and also hates this QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs

We are currently through eight weeks of the NFL season -- basically, the halfway point. And also while it has been a season unlike any type of other, gamings have, in fact, to be played for eight weeks. Not constantly in the bespeak expected, yet we do have a really good sample size.

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One that the challenges of fantasy football is that world like to play v names. Yet in actuality, us play with numbers. Big-name players don\"t victory you her week; big statistical production does.

I\"ve to be doing blind résumés for years ~ above years, and also recently I have seen several others using them as well.

So consider these football player -- look in ~ the stats before you look at the price -- climate tell me if you feeling the same way about these players.

Two quarterbacks (on a per-game basis)

Player A: 21.9 PPG, 68.6% completions, 265.1 happen yards every game, 2.1 TD passes per game

Player B: 22.0 PPG, 67.3% completions, 260.1 pass yards every game, 2.3 TD passes every game

Player A is Ryan Tannehill since Week 7 that 2019, as soon as he took over the starting QB task with Tennessee. Player B is Patrick Mahomes end that specific same stretch.

This season (per game)

Player A: 20.6 PPG, 8.6 targets, 5.1 catches, 97.1 yards, 1.0 TDs

Player B: 19.3 PPG, 8.8 targets, 5.8 catches, 87.0 yards, 0.8 TDs

Player A is DK Metcalf. Player B is Travis Fulgham.

This season (per game)

Player C: 16.4 PPG, 9.6 targets, 6.3 catches, 78.9 yards, 0.38 TDs

Player D: 16.8 PPG, 7.8 targets, 5.8 catches, 73.8 yards, 0.6 TDs

Player C is Allen Robinson II. Player D is Corey Davis, still accessible in 44% of leagues.

This season (per game)

Player E: 17.8 PPG, 6.8 targets, 4.4 catches, 67.1 yards, 0.88 TDs

Player F: 16.9 PPG, 8.5 targets, 6.8 catches, 73.0 yards, 0.38 TDs

Player E is Tyreek Hill. Player F is Tyler Boyd.

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This season

Player G: 14.3 PPG, 0.78 points every touch, one top-10 performance, drafted eighth as whole on average

Player H: 14.1 PPG, 0.77 points per touch, two top-10 performances, undrafted in 99.9% of leagues

Player G is Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Player H is Myles Gaskin. Gaskin to be just placed on IR, yet still. Interesting, no?

Since mainly 3 (per game)

Player I: 16.0 PPG, 6.8 targets, 4.8 catches, 52.8 yards, 0.67 TDs

Player J: 16.0 PPG, 7.5 targets, 5.0 catches, 75.0 yards, 0.5 TDs

Player i is Robert Woods. Player J is Tee Higgins.

Two quarterbacks, per game

Player K: 27.9 PPG (12.2 PPG together a runner), 66.8% completions, 2.86 full TD every game

Player L: 27.7 PPG (10.9 PPG as a runner), 66.1% completions, 2.87 complete TD per game

Player K is Kyler Murray, this year. Player together is Lamar Jackson in 2019, as soon as he set the document for the highest-scoring season in fantasy football history.

Two to run backs, every game

Player M: 19.1 FPPG, 71.2% that team sirloin yards, 1.78 yards per carry after contact

Player N: 20.5 FPPG, 71.2% that team rush yards, 1.71 yards per bring after contact

Player M is James Robinson. Player N is Derrick Henry.

Three WRs this year on a per-game basis

Player O: 19.3 PPG, targeted on 25.9% the routes, 5.8 catches per game, 15 yards every catch

Player P: 18.1 PPG, target on 25.1% of routes, 6.3 records per game, 15.4 yards per catch

Player Q: 17.8 PPG, target on 20.1% of routes, 4.4 records per game, 15.3 yards per catch

Player O is Travis Fulgham again. Player p is Julio Jones. Player Q is Tyreek Hill. In case you haven\"t figured the out, I\"m all-in on Travis Fulgham together the actual deal here.

Two to run backs, per game

Player R: 8.8 FPPG, 3.7 yards per carry, 1.3 red ar touches per game

Player S: 8.5 FPPG, 4.0 yards per touch, 2.3 red ar touches per game

Player R is Ezekiel Elliott in the 3 games since Dak Prescott to be injured. Player S is Latavius Murray.

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This season (per game)

Player T: 11.5 PPG, 5.7 targets, 3.3 catches, 39.3 yards, 0.71 TDs

Player U: 12.0 PPG, 3.7 targets, 3.3 catches, 44.1 yards, 0.71 TDs

Player T is note Andrews. Player U is Robert Tonyan. Friend tell me if this is a negative Andrews write-up or a pro Tonyan one.

This season (per game)

Player V: 12.2 PPG, 18.0 touches, 77.3 scrimmage yards, 0.57 TDs (RB25 in full points)

Player W: 12.0 PPG, 7.9 touches, 56.9 scrimmage yards, 0.43 TDs (RB26 in full points)

Player V is Kenyan Drake. Player W is chase Edmonds.

Food because that thought, no? just remember: names don\"t success games. Number do.

Let\"s acquire to it. Thanks as always to \"Thirsty\" Kyle Soppe the \"The Fantasy focus 06010\" and also The Stat-a-pillar from The Fantasy present on and Damian Dabrowski.

Here us go:


Quarterbacks ns love in mainly 9


Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans, in ~ Jaguars

I\"m not certain what bill O\"Brien is approximately these days, but I hope he has Watson on all of his fantasy teams. In the 3 contests since the BOB era ended, Watson is averaging 27.0 fantasy points per game, as compared to simply 18.3 FPPG v O\"Brien in ~ the helm this season. Now, coming off a taking leave week, Watson gets to challenge a Jacksonville defense that has provided up the third-most fantasy point out per game to quarterbacks during the past 4 weeks, including over 300 pass yards and an ext than 2 passing scores a game. Watson is a top-five pat in mainly 9, and if you don\"t start him ~ above Sunday, you worthy to be fired together your team\"s fantasy manager.


Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers, vs. Raiders

The autumn wind is a Raider offering up fantasy points just for fun. QBs litter it \"round and upside down, and you\"ll see your fantasy team has won.

My apologies come the late, good Steve Sabol, however the allude of my torture poem: The Raiders\" defense is obtaining shredded by opposing quarterbacks. Because that the season, las Vegas provides up the eighth-most pass yards every game; yet over the past four weeks, that is enabling the fourth-most fantasy points per game to quarterbacks. Through an over/under (as of this writing) that 53 and considering that Herbert is QB5 in fantasy top top a per-game basis because he became the starter and also has three-plus touchdown passes in four straight games, that is a big Week 9 Love.

Roses space red. Violets space blue. If girlfriend don\"t begin Herbert, the joke is top top you.

OK, I\"ll stop.


Tom Brady, Tampa only Buccaneers, vs. Saints

Every year in the preseason, ns am inquiry to do bold predictions because that the season. They\"re not things I\"m saying will happen, simply things that might happen. Now is the component where I lug up one of them and pat myself on the earlier because one interlocutor prediction ns made to be Tom Brady having the finest statistical season the his career. It can actually happen. Over Brady\"s previous six games, he has actually 17 touchdowns and also just one interception. That\"s great for 23.5 fantasy points per game. I realize he didn\"t look good Monday night, and now he is playing a divisional video game on a brief week, however I\"m in on the this mainly in a large way. V Antonio Brown at his disposal and maybe kris Godwin too, Brady gets a Saints defense the is permitting touchdown passes at the greatest rate in the league. The the seven QBs come face brand-new Orleans this season, only Nick Foles hasn\"t score 19+ fantasy points. In conclusion: Tom Brady is a mainly 9 Love, and your old girlfriend Matty B is a genius.*

*If you look only at the Brady call and ignore my various other 2020 bold predictions.

Others receiving votes

I know, there\"s a definite are afraid that Pittsburgh kills Dallas so negative that Ben Roethlisberger doesn\"t have to do a lot (just favor what happened against Cleveland), but the Cowboys do permit touchdown passes at the second-highest rate. Large Ben has actually multiple touchdown overcome in all however one game this season. ... No Raiders-related poems for Derek Carr, thankfully, just some stats: The Chargers enable the third-most fantasy clues per game to quarterbacks this season, while prior to last week, Carr had actually multiple touchdown passes in 5 straight games, and honestly, Carr acquired jobbed critical week. I think that was a touchdown to Henry Ruggs III the wasn\"t dubbed correctly. ... This week\"s winner the the QB play the Falcons award is ... Drew Lock! however it\"s actually no all around the Falcons gift dead critical in fantasy clues per game to quarterbacks this season. Lock has actually a warm hand, v a season-high 3 touchdown passes last week and 81 pass attempts over his previous two games.

Quarterbacks I dislike in mainly 9


Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens, at Colts

Putting a talent such together Jackson on the dislike list deserve to obviously come back to kill me. I get that. Yet Jackson has been death a the majority of his fantasy managers this season. Jackson has under 200 pass yards in four of his past 5 games. That\"s rough, yet it wouldn\"t issue so much if his rushing averages to be on pace v 2019. They\"re not.

2019: 11.7 rushes, 80.4 rushing yards, 0.47 TDs2020: 9.4 rushes, 58.7 rushing yards, 0.29 TDsJackson\"s 2020 numbers are unlikely come get much better this week against a Colts defense that provides up a league-low 13.2 fantasy point out per game to quarterbacks this season. You\"re still starting Jackson on most teams, but I have actually him external the optimal 10 at the position this week. For this reason if you picked up someone favor Justin Herbert ... Yeah, you can justify sitting last year\"s No. 2 in its entirety player in fantasy.


Drew Brees, new Orleans Saints, in ~ Buccaneers

The Bucs permit the second-fewest fantasy clues per game to quarterbacks this season and give increase touchdown overcome at the sixth-lowest rate. And also while Brees did litter for 2 touchdown passes in his main 1 matchup through Tampa Bay, he still scored just 14.4 fantasy point out in the game. There\"s additionally the opportunity the Taysom Hill vultures. The great news? We most likely won\"t it is in inundated by break news updates on Brees pass Brady in career touchdown passes this week.


Cam Newton, brand-new England Patriots, at Jets

Yes, it\"s acquired so bad that Newton is on the hate list against the winless new York Jets. The happens as soon as you have actually only 2 touchdown passes for the season ~ above 156 attempts. Plus, believe it or not, only three times this season has actually a quarterback scored also 16.5 fantasy points versus the Jets. Offered how negative the Jets room offensively, Newton isn\"t likely to be essential to do lot to acquire a victory here. Considering Newton is averaging just 12.0 fantasy points in gamings this season in which he doesn\"t have actually MULTIPLE rushing scores, it\"s tough to justify placing him in main 9 lineups as a top-12 play, also with the Patriots playing the Jets.

Running backs i love in week 9


James Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars, vs. Texans

This isn\"t a relationship advice column, but I\"m going to provide you part anyway: find yourself someone that inspires you to be a far better person. Take the Houston Texans\" defense, for example. Opposing running backs boost their season average versus the Texans by a league-high 24.9%. To run backs end up being their best selves versus the Texans, all thanks to a solitary afternoon together. It\"s beautiful. Over the past four weeks, the Texans have actually two-stepped their method to enabling over 135 rushing yards a video game to to run backs. This week, Robinson goes on a date with the Texans. Considering Robinson has seen 95% the Jacksonville running earlier carries this season and has a growing function in the passing game (at least four receptions in 5 consecutive games), that should discover true fantasy Love in mainly 9.


Chase Edmonds, Arizona Cardinals, vs. Dolphins

The Arizona Cardinals Twitter feed most likely will tell friend this after the game, however I\"m below to tell you about it beforehand: start Edmonds in fantasy this week. Despite averaging just 8.8 touches in the past four games, he has actually 15-plus fantasy clues in three of his past four. Now, through Kenyan Drake out, Edmonds have to see a large increase in touches, and that sets that up because that a huge fantasy day. In 4 career gamings with 10-plus touches, Edmonds averages 20.1 fantasy points per game. And over the past 4 weeks, the dolphin are enabling 121.6 rushing yards per game and 5.5 yards per lug to running backs. Edmonds needs to be began in every organization as long as Drake is top top the shelf.


Todd Gurley II, Atlanta Falcons, vs. Broncos

Pay respect come the Toddfather: He simply keeps producing. Gurley has a rushing touchdown in six of eight games this season and also is tied v Derrick Henry for the many red zone carries among running backs. Gurley hasn\"t been especially reliable this season, however with at least 18 touch in 4 consecutive games, that hasn\"t really mattered. The should acquire plenty of touch -- and touchdown avenues -- versus a Broncos defense enabling the seventh-most fantasy point out to to run backs end the past four weeks.

Others receiving votes

The RB1 job in Washington official belongs to Antonio Gibson. He had a season-high 20 carries in his most recent game, and he has actually tallied in ~ least four receptions in 3 of his past four outings. That volume again this mainly should allow him to perform damage against a Giants defense the over the past four weeks is enabling the fifth-most catches per game to running backs. ... Zack Moss has only one much less touch than Devin Singletary in the past two games and holds a large edge in red zone and also goal-to-go carries. Moss is the Buffalo back you want this week together a flex play.

Running backs I hate in mainly 9


Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys, vs. Steelers

Who has actually done more the previous three weeks come bolster his MVP case than Dak Prescott? The quarterback\"s season-ending injury has actually been brutal because that the Cowboys\" offense, and also that has the team\"s star RB. Just RB33 end those three weeks, Elliott has actually 80 or under scrimmage yards in three directly games and only 3 red zone carries in that stretch. Here\"s why: In those 3 games since Prescott ache his right ankle, 79.1% the Elliott\"s carries have come v at the very least seven defenders in the box. The was only 47.2% v Prescott. Through either Garrett Gilbert or Cooper sirloin slated to begin this week against a Steelers defense that permits the sixth-fewest clues per game to to run backs, prepare for Elliott come have one more fantasy week exterior the height 10.


Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts, vs. Ravens

I speak to him Jonathan Taylor Thomas due to the fact that his job started strong and then he disappeared. (\"Home Improvement\" reference, anyone? No? OK, fine.) anyway ... Jonathan Taylor the soccer player hasn\"t had more than 68 rushing yards in a game since Week 2, and also last week that played simply 33% of snaps -- his lowest total since Marlon Mack walk down. Even if Taylor gets much more work this week (there are thoughts he isn\"t 100 percent healthy), it will be difficult to do much with it against the Ravens, who permit the third-fewest fantasy points per video game to to run backs this season and have offered up simply two rushing touchdowns come RBs. Even if some members the the Ravens\" defense miss out on this game as result of being ~ above the COVID-19 list, it\"s still a hard matchup because that a player in a RBBC. Therefore yeah, if ns told girlfriend to start Taylor this week, girlfriend could contact me the \"Lyin\" King.\" (Jonathan Taylor cutting board was the voice of Young Simba in the original \"Lion King\" movie. Come on, people! review up on her J.T.T.!)


Melvin Gordon III, Denver Broncos, in ~ Falcons

Is Atlanta\"s sirloin defense actually good? Or is the Falcons\" happen defense so poor that teams don\"t need to run versus them? I\"ll take a tiny from category A and also B. However the reality is, the Falcons over the past 4 weeks have allowed the second-fewest rushing yards per video game to to run backs, and just one rushing touchdown in the stretch. Include to it that Gordon has only 10 much more carries than Phillip Lindsay in his previous two gamings -- and is averaging a chuck 7.0 yards per lug LESS than Lindsay over that stretch -- and also Gordon is just external the height 20 because that me this week.

Pass-catchers i love in week 9


Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills, vs. Seahawks

After a an excellent start, he has just been really good, bordering top top fine. Simply one score in his past 5 games, he has actually been hosted under 50 yards in 2 of the past three. Numerous receptions have helped, however, and also this week the gets back to his dominant, awesome, top-five methods from the begin of the year. The Seahawks enable the most catches and also yards per video game to large receivers this season and the many deep receptions as well. Seattle also gives up an mean of 21.3 fantasy points per video game to wide receivers who gain seven or more targets versus them. All of this sets up perfectly because that Diggs, that is averaging a career-high 10 targets per video game this season. Buffalo\"s passing video game has been grounded in recent weeks, however that\"s nothing Seattle\"s defense can\"t fix.


Will Fuller V, Houston Texans, at Jaguars

The Texans apparently asked because that a huge return from the Packers at the profession deadline for Fuller and also I can\"t blame them. I\"d ask because that a lot for Fuller at the fantasy profession deadline too. He has scored in 5 consecutive games and also is averaging 7.4 targets per game over the stretch. Ns wouldn\"t just offer away that kind of production, particularly not as soon as Fuller is around to challenge a Jaguars defense that is allowing the fifth-highest capture rate to wide receivers and also has already given up six deep TD receptions, bound for third most in the league. Am i legitimately high top top Fuller this mainly or am I simply trying to journey up the trade price on that in leagues in i m sorry I have him? Let\"s speak to it a tiny of both.


Sterling Shepard, brand-new York Giants, at Washington

Daniel Jones has actually thrown 28 passes toward Shepard this year. Shepard has caught 22 that them. When you watch Jones\" accuracy this year, that\"s in reality a really superior number. The clear-cut No. 1 target for Danny Dimes (18 targets in the 2 games because he came back), Shepard has double-digit fantasy point out in all three full games he has played this season. And also when Jones is under pressure on Sunday vs. Washington\"s strong defensive heat (and he will be), his an initial read is most likely to it is in Shepard, that is one underrated No. 1 broad receiver ~ above a functional (not good but functional) offense. Shepard is a borderline WR2 this week.


T.J. Hockenson, Detroit Lions, in ~ Vikings

So, yeah, if a person owns a Lions helmet and also a set of hands, you may want to think about playing them in fantasy this week. I know, over there is a opportunity Matthew Stafford doesn\"t play this week and that would definitely lower expectation here, however lowered expectations is usually \"tight end\" in one more language. Offered the dearth of production at the tight finish spot and the dearth that talent on the Vikings\" defense, it may not issue who is throwing the ball. The Vikings provide up the many yards per game to opposing chop ends and Hockenson, who has 10-plus point out in three of his past 4 games, should gain even an ext targets with Kenny Golladay out, offering him a week 9 matchup that\"s about as great as you can obtain in 2020 in ~ the tight finish position.

Others receiving votes:

A league-high 15.6% that deep passes versus Dallas this season have resulted in a touchdown -- twin the organization average. Meanwhile, Chase Claypool has actually averaged at least 12.5 air yards every target in 5 of his seven games this season. It\"s hard to recognize which Steelers recipient to pick week come week, yet the matchup says Week 9 is a Claypool week. ... Jerry Jeudy is start to arise halfway v his rookie season, getting a season-high 10 targets last week. Comparable volume this mainly would give him an chance for quite numbers versus that Falcons\" pass defense. ... The unexpectedly struggling Titans room bottom-three in the organization on a per-game basis in catches and also yards enabled to wide receivers this season. V Darnell Mooney currently the clean WR2 in Chicago, take into consideration him as a main 9 flex or DFS play. ... Atlanta has allowed a league-high 18.9 fantasy point out per video game to tight ends this season. That argues a the majority of Noah (don\"t carry out it, don\"t do it, don\"t execute it, don\"t do it) FANT-asy clues this week. (Sorry, ns couldn\"t resist.) ... Looking for some more, or any, manufacturing from your tight end spot? If girlfriend didn\"t draft Travis Kelce, the price is probably yes. Climate take a look in ~ Logan Thomas that the football Team. He has actually 40-plus yards and a touchdown in each of his previous two games and actually ranks 3rd among all tight ends in paths per video game this season.

Pass-catchers I dislike in main 9


Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys, vs. Steelers

Cooper had one catch for 5 yards last week in The Ben DiNucci Game. That type of production virtually feels optimistic against a Steelers defense that allows the seventh-lowest catch rate to large receivers and also leads the organization in both pressure and blitz price this season. Whichever random quarterback or unlucky fan who loses a dispute plays QB because that Dallas this mainly will have no time to make plays downfield -- and also fantasy supervisors should invest a lot of time thinking around just exactly how desperate castle are. Cooper is a risky WR3 in this one.

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Mike Evans, Tampa bay Buccaneers, vs. Saints

Peanut butter and also jelly. Jordan and also Pippen. Matthew Berry and Field Yates. Above duos all. But Mike Evans and also Chris Godwin are not on that prestigious list. Get this: Evans is averaging just 7.3 fantasy points per game and a paltry three targets with Godwin active this season. Us don\"t know for certain yet if Godwin will play in mainly 9, but Antonio Brown will. Evans\" targets are likely to autumn and, every Mike Clay, he\"s also likely to acquire a Marcus Lattimore shadow. In his previous three games against the Saints, Evans has actually just 5 catches, 71 yards and a solitary touchdown ... Total. I intend his battles against brand-new Orleans to proceed on Sunday. Oh, I believed of one an ext iconic duo: Mike Evans and also the main 9 hate list.