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Meet the MasterChef Junior Season 4 contestants who hail indigenous the NY subway area, consisting of Adam native Brooklyn, NY; Amaya indigenous Bergenfield, NJ; Jesse from Manhattan; and also Kaitlyn native Yorktown Heights, NY.

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Season 4 the MasterChef Junior premieres ~ above FOX ~ above Friday,Nov. 6 in ~ 8pm, special talented young chefs from throughout the country. Here, you\"ll meet 4 contenders who call the NY subway area home, including Adam native Brooklyn; Amaya native Bergenfield, NJ; Jesse indigenous Manhattan; and Kaitlyn native Yorktown Heights.

Meet MasterChef junior Adam

Age: 11Hometown: Brooklyn, NYSignature Dish: Pan-seared pepper steak

How old to be you once you an initial started cooking?Maybe 6. The very first dish I can recall making was I aided my dad make spaghetti and meatballs.

Who inspired you to acquire in the kitchen?It to be my dad and my uncle.

What do you love about cooking?I choose that it’s the best kind the art because even despite it just lasts a couple of seconds, it’s miscellaneous you’ll remember because that the rest of your life.

What advice carry out you have actually for other kids who want to begin cooking?Go because that it because if you make a large mess or fail at something, you can always shot again.

Where is your favorite ar to eat in Brooklyn?I really prefer to walk to this episode place referred to as Sushi Yu, and also an Italian place contact Enzo’s in Park Slope.

What perform you want to be once you prosper up?I don’t really recognize yet, but probably a film director. My favourite is Quentin Tarantino.

Besides cooking, what room your favorite tasks or hobbies?I choose to play guitar and piano. I execute watch a many movies.

Were friend nervous to meet Gordon Ramsay?Kind of. When I an initial walked in, the 3 judges were standing up, and also I to be standing best in front of him because I was among the shorter ones. So the was type of cool, yet kind scary in ~ the very same time due to the fact that I was yes, really nervous.

Why did you desire to it is in on MasterChef Junior?My mommy told me lock were having actually auditions for it, and I watched a small bit the the display on Hulu and also it looked cool, so ns figured i might as well try. And also I go and there were, like, 1,000 other children there, and I to be like, Yeah I’m more than likely not walking to do it. Yet I did!

It was pretty cool since they told united state all together. Lock said, \"You’re every going come be continuing to be a small longer. You’re ~ above the show.\" and every one was a tiny confused because that a second, yet we every realized what lock said and also then everyone was shouting \"Yay, yay, yay!\"So it was yes, really cool.

What was the best component of gift on MasterChef Junior?Learning to cook a lot of new things, that awesome huge piñata , acquiring a month turn off school.

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Meet MasterChef junior Amaya

Age: 10Hometown: Bergenfield, NJSignature Dish: T-bone steak with asparagus and her ‘special sauce’

How old to be you once you very first started cooking?I to be 4, and I do a plate of cookies v my aunt.

Who inspired you to obtain in the kitchen?It to be my mom.

What execute you love around cooking?I love that you have the right to just be cost-free and placed your special touches come the food and also create every little thing you like.

How execute you balance school, see friends, after-school activities, and cooking?Usually I’m already done with my schoolwork, however as long as I gain my parents’ permission I have the right to cook.

What advice perform you have for other children who desire to begin cooking?Get an imaginative with it; be very cautious with warm things, knives, and other sharp objects; and also just have actually fun.

What perform you want to be when you flourish up?I desire to it is in a teacher as soon as I flourish up.

What is your idea of the perfect meal?It would certainly be nice and also hearty choose my signature dish through a dessert, like a nice rich coco mousse.

Were you nervous to meet Gordon Ramsay?At first, ns was, however then I gained to recognize him and he’s in reality really nice!

Why walk you desire to be on MasterChef Junior?I really wanted to learn much more about cooking and it seemed really fun and it\"s a life-changing, one-of-a-kind experience. That was yes, really cool, too. I believed it to be going come be yes, really fun, so I want to carry out it.

What was the best component of being on MasterChef Junior?The cooking. I just got an extremely focused and also I delighted in it really much.

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Meet MasterChef junior Jesse

Age: 11Hometown: brand-new York, NYSignature Dish: Homemade pasta with caprese salad appetizer

How old to be you as soon as you first started cooking?I to be 10.

Who motivated you to gain in the kitchen?My dad.

What execute you love around cooking?I choose how an innovative you deserve to be in the plating since it’s virtually like arts in a way. You can make a really pretty plate.

What’s your favorite kind of cuisine to cook?I really favor making asian food because it’s really great and tasty.

What advice do you have for other youngsters who want to begin cooking?Just follow your dreams, save trying, and also don’t offer up.

Where is her favorite ar to eat in the city?I really favor this place called Vanessa’s. It’s a Chinese point out that has actually dumplings.

Who’s your favorite chef?My favourite chef is Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver because they’re British and also they make really cool cuisine. Jamie Oliver cooks an ext rustic and Gordon cooks an ext gourmet.

What is your idea of the perfect meal?I think the perfect enjoy the meal is something choose a giant buffet through all this different varieties of cuisines v perfect tastes. And also then climate you obtain a gigantic bucket load of candy.

Were girlfriend nervous to accomplish Gordon Ramsay?Not really. I constantly knew he to be a huge old softy.

What is the finest piece that advice you acquired from the judges on the show?The finest piece the advice they gave me to be Graham Elliot confirmed me a different method to check if chicken is done cooking or not.

Why walk you want to be on MasterChef Junior?I remember I’d checked out the other children going ~ above the show and also I was a small jealous in a way. So mine dad found the audition and also I auditioned and also got on. And it was really exciting.

What was the best part of being on MasterChef Junior?I preferred every component of the competition. We gained to fulfill a many people, make new friends, and got to fulfill the judges i m sorry was yes, really fun. And I’m tho in call with a lot of the various other kids.

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Meet MasterChef junior Kaitlyn

Age: 11Hometown: Yorktown Heights, NYSignature Dish: Steak v potatoes, molasses sauce, and kimchee

How old were you when you first started cooking?I would certainly say i was about 5 or 6 years old. I helped my mom make mashed potatoes and I helped my grandpa make apple pie for Thanksgiving.

Who motivated you to get in the kitchen?It would probably have to be my nana, mine grandmother. I feel like I base my entire cooking style turn off her due to the fact that she always cooks for us when we visit her or once she visits us. We have very comparable cooking styles, choose we both favor to cook traditional dishes but with our own small twist.

What’s your favorite form of cuisine to cook?My favorite form of cuisine to cook certainly has come be korean fusion. There’s this citizens that ns make that’s a floor sirloin and also rib eye burger and also it has actually Brussels sprout kimchee. It’s favor an American burger, however it’s a korean version the a burger.

How perform you balance school, see friends, after-school activities, and cooking?Well I shot to keep my priorities. Currently my one priority is school, so if I gain all mine schoolwork done, I’ll think about what I’ve excellent in the past couple of days. I usually shot and cook, but sometimes if I require a small break, I’ll cave out through my girlfriend or walk to the gym and do part laps in the pool.

Besides cooking, what are your favorite tasks or hobbies?Other than cooking, you can probably speak I’m quite athletic. Ns play travel soccer, I’m ~ above a swim team, and just a couple of days back I do the efforts volleyball and I really enjoyed it, so I’m trying the end for a team because that this season.

What advice do you have for other youngsters who want to begin cooking?I think mine advice would certainly be come just believe in yourself and try brand-new things due to the fact that you learn much more from her failures 보다 from your success. For this reason if at an initial you don’t succeed, try again.

Who’s her favorite chef?My favorite chef of all time, I have actually three: Alton Brown, male Fieri, or Gordon Ramsay.

Were friend nervous to meet Gordon Ramsay?I was yes, really nervous to accomplish him because I was afraid he would certainly yell in ~ me and curse in ~ me. He to be nothing favor he looks on TV. He to be super sweet, and I think he’s a little an ext patient v the kids than he is v the adults.

What is the best piece the advice you acquired from the judges top top the show?I already knew this, yet they yes, really emphasized trying her food due to the fact that if girlfriend don’t try your food, girlfriend can’t assumption: v what it will certainly taste like. It drops into the category about seasoning and they taught united state a lot about that and really emphasized both of those points.

Why did you desire to it is in on MasterChef Junior?I really wanted to audition because that MasterChef Junior since I thought it looked choose the coolest thing ever. The looked like so much fun. They had actually to carry out all this crazy challenges, and also I really want to shot the suffer for myself.

What to be the best component of being on MasterChef Junior?The best part was meeting all the junior chefs from all over the country since we every learned a many from each other, and also we store in touch practically daily. Also though it was a competition, we were all sort of rooting because that each other and also hoping the everyone would certainly win.

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Main photo: The 24 contenders top top MasterChef Junior Season 4 meet the judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and also Christina Tosi.

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