I've read the initial MASH novel by Richard Hooker however none of the sequels. Have any type of of you review the first sequel, "MASH goes come Maine"? Is it worth it? Is it any good? Thanks.

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I have. It's really season 1-3. I enjoyed it yet I haven't check out it in 20+ years.

Edit: simply went searching for it, there are reportedly an entire collection of them. And also they are relatively rare and also expensive. I'm guessing they've been out of publish for a while.

Edit 2: Thrift publications has several of them because that a reasonable price if you just google Mash publication Series.

Thank you! i love periods 1-3 and I liked the original book, so ns think I'll offer it a try. I've uncovered a copy therefore that's no a problem, thanks.

I have. Ns was may be to source digital copies of the books as i wouldn't it is in able to resource physical duplicates here in India in a monetarily feasible manner.

The publications are the original source material. The an initial book come first, then the movie, then the 2nd book, climate the TV show, and after the first couple of seasons, the third book.

The an initial book, MASH: A Novel about Three military Doctors influenced the movie, and also trying to shoot that sequel M*A*S*H Goes come Maine caused making the TV show instead, which would certainly go top top to become the most renowned format in the franchise. This two publications were composed by Richard Hooker (the pen surname for former military operated doctor Dr H. Richard Hornberger and also writer W. C. Heinz because that the very first book and Hornberger alone because that the second.)

After 'Maine', a series of books titled "M*A*S*H Goes to Place" to be released and also credited to Hooker and also William E. Butterworth, however these publications were actually created by Butterworth alone. None of this is considered canon. Lock are lot lighter in tone than the very first two.

The last book considered canon is M*A*S*H Mania, by Richard Hooker (Hornberger alone.)

In and also of itself, these publications are absolutely worth reading. Beware though, castle don't line up with the TV series stories - especially the later on seasons starting S04.

Basically, the sequels are focused roughly the postwar shenanigans (and I mean shenanigans) that the main point quartet in the very first book: Hawkeye, Duke, Trapper & Spearchucker. If you've check out the an initial book, the various other two are continuations in the same style - usually anecdotes and also stories the what the four get increase to, through some character development thrown in for good measure. Maine takes place after the war and also depicts what occurred to Hawkeye et al after, and also how the tape gets earlier together after spreading out postwar. Mania takes location a few years later on when the gang is middle-aged and also older.

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If you do want to check out them yet don't mind spoilers, review the Wikipedia entries of the novels - MASH: A Novel around Three army Doctors; M*A*S*H Goes come Maine; M*A*S*H Mania - for brief descriptions the the shenanigans.