About You"re a exorbitant One

"You"re a exorbitant One" is a famous recording written by Holland–Dozier–Holland and recorded and also released together a solitary by Marvin Gaye, exit in 1964 on the Tamla label. It charted at #15 on the Billboard warm 100. In the song, the narrator praises his "wonderful one" for loving him and also for "always (being) around" him. Gaye is helped along ~ above this track by The Supremes on background. The team had previously backed him on "Can I obtain a Witness". Musically, The Funk brother took aspects of lining Berry"s "Memphis" single and incorporated it right into the intro of this song. The song at some point charted in ~ number fifteen on the pop charts and also number three on the R&B singles chart. That was created by Holland–Dozier–Holland, who operated with Gaye top top "Witness" and also later "How Sweet that Is (To Be love by You)" by Gaye a few months later offering him his greatest success as a solo artist till "I Heard It with the Grapevine" in 1968.more »

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You are so wonderfulThat being near you is every I"m living forYou display me more kindness in tiny waysThan I"ve ever known in all my daysTell me we"ll continue to be togetherLet me love you foreverCause you"re a exorbitant oneYou"re a wonderful one(From now on, backing vocals: "Wonderful one")In you over there is a rare qualityYour love, baby, it way the worldFor me you"re constantly concernedAnd friend ask nothin", baby, in returnYou"re really much more than ns deserveFrom my love I average these wordsYou"re a wonderful oneYou"re a wonderful oneOh you"re a exorbitant oneBaby, you"re a exorbitant oneSweetheart, you"re a wonderful oneMy darlin", you"re a wonderful oneOoo you"re a wonderful oneOoo you"re a exorbitant oneMmm hmm you"re a exorbitant oneBaby, you"re a exorbitant oneYou"re really an ext than i deserveFrom my love I mean these wordsYou"re a exorbitant oneYou"re a exorbitant oneSometimes I"m up, sometimes I"m downBut her love, you"re constantly aroundWords of confidence friend speak to meBaby, and you place a soft kiss on my cheekIt provides my load a small bit lighterIt provides my life a tiny bit brighterCause you"re a wonderful oneYou"re a exorbitant oneOh you"re a wonderful oneBaby, you"re a exorbitant one

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Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye (April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984), born Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr., was an American singer-songwriter and also musician who career spanned much more than two decades. Born and also raised in Washington, D.C., he was the son of a storefront minister of a neighborhood Pentecostal church sect and also grew up singing gospel in church revivals together a young child.

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Gaye branched out right into secular music together a teenager, involvement the doo-wop group The Marquees, after returning from an honorable discharge native the United claims Air Force, prior to the group was hired by Harvey Fuqua to be Harvey & The Moonglows. Following the band"s separation in 1960, Gaye began working as a conference drummer for the Detroit music label, Anna, before signing through Motown records in 1961, including an "e" to his s… an ext »