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a game by Capcom
Platforms: XBox, Dreamcast, playstation 2
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based upon 5 evaluate
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 34 votes
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You would certainly not think how plenty of hours I have actually spent v Marvel vs Capcom 2 end the years. No issue if the is the Dreamcast, Xbox 360 or even right here. This is a video game that I constantly have had actually a an excellent time with and it is just one of the most popular fighting games of the generation or a very an excellent reason.

How many Characters?

One of the things that the last two Marvel vs Capcom games have struggled through is the roster. No that they were bad, they were simply never able to live approximately the 56 personalities that Marvel vs Capcom 2 boasted. This roster is stack to the max. Both the Marvel and also Capcom next is awesome.


You have various Avengers, X-Men and also Spider-Man characters as well as people indigenous franchises such together Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Mega Man, resident Evil and more. Each character has actually various colors also so the roster is the most varied the collection has ever seen.

3 vs 3 Combat

What really provides Marvel vs Capcom 2 so fondly mental is the combat. This is a fighting game where you pick any type of three characters you desire to type a super team. Each fight requires that you loss all three characters from the opposing team. Girlfriend can contact in other characters to help you throughout a battle, tags in and also tag out and also you can develop these epic super combos the are simply spectacular come look at and also do. What ns really like about this game is the it is the sort of video game anyone can play. The controls are actually quite straightforward so that makes it a video game that anyone can pick up and have funny with. On the flip side of this, girlfriend can likewise get very, really in-depth through the combat. This is a game that has some significant depth come it if you want to discover it properly. No matter exactly how serious friend get around the game one thing that is for certain is that you will be having actually a an excellent time.

Flashy and also Awesome!

I quiet think that Marvel vs Capcom 2 is a wonderful looking game. The characters all look great and few of them (Venom constantly springs to mind) have actually phenomenal animation that will really knock her socks off. The stages too are great. Every stage has actually some awesome results to it. My just gripe is the there space not enough of them. There space not a ton of stages so you carry out cycle through them quite quickly, very sewing the stages that are below are really well done.


While the presentation is great and full of flash and special effects. One area that is a little of a let down is the endings. There are no character-specific end in this video game which is fairly disappointing if ns am gift honest.

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As you have actually probably guessed, ns love Marvel vs Capcom 2. It is a fighting video game that is simply so lot fun come play. No matter if girlfriend are just messing roughly with friends on a game night or if you space wanting to obtain serious and go pro! This is a game that it is difficult not to have a wonderful time with.


Over 50 characters to select fromFun and also exciting gameplayPlaying against friends is a most funWhile easy to play, the does have a many depthThe presentation is incredible