CORAL GABLES — Hurricanes coach note Richt has actually as distinct a perspective together anyone as soon as it pertains to the Miami-Florida State rivarly.

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A former UM quarterback, he"s seen the video game from a player"s perspective. An assistant coach at Florida State, he"s watched it from that angle. Now, he"s in his second year as a head coach at among the 2 schools.

Tuesday, he mutual some the his think on that, and a lot more, as the Hurricanes prepare to head approximately Tallahassee on Saturday afternoon.

On FSU quarterback James Blackman, who stepped in as the starter after ~ Deondre Francois to be hurt in the Seminoles" opener:

"As we all know, he"s a true freshman. He"s playing as a true freshman, however I think he"s excellent nothing but gain experience and gain confidence. He"s had no interceptions, he threw a game-winner critical week, i beg your pardon I"m sure assisted him. He"s played two times away together the starter and also now he it s okay to walk home and also play in prior of his crowd."


The Seminoles have actually lost two games, space playing with a back-up quarterback and aren"t ranked. Yet Miami coach mark Richt to know they"re still going to be a tough matchup for the Hurricanes.

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On the condition of mark Walton, who showed up to have actually re-injured his fishing eye in Miami"s success over duke on Saturday:

"He walk alright. He"s going come play. Favor last week, uneven there"s a setback, we think he"ll play. … the practiced."

"It"s no unimaginable. Florida State"s a really good program. The happened. It"s in the past. And also I don"t worry too much around it."

"It"ll it is in loud, there"s no doubt. But once it it s okay to a certain amount of loudness, it doesn"t yes, really matter. Once you need to go to non-verbal communication, that doesn"t issue if there"s 20,000 or 80,000 doing it. They absolutely have a an excellent atmosphere. The point the noise go or the group does, that usually encourages when they do something great and the accentuates if we don"t carry out something well. That"s the point young players need to let it roll of your back."

"I haven"t stated it and also I don"t think the children are thinking about it. We don"t have a kid that"s been right here seven years. So, they"re certainly worried around that streak right now."


"I just hope we deserve to have that type of production. It"d be nice. You need to take your hat turn off to wake up Forest"s defense. They go a super job. Us feel like we have actually a pretty great front seven. We have to prove it. We have to prove the every week and also I"m certain they"ll it is in getting better at what castle do and also making adjustments and also we need to make certain we play as hard as we"re an alleged to play and play in the gaps we"re an alleged to beat in and also just acquire after people."


The Hurricanes opened ACC play v an impressive win over Duke and also have winner eight directly going ago to last season. They"re paris high as FSU main arrives.

"There"s not much that we"ve tried to install over the last year and also a half that Malik doesn"t really know well. … The difficulties that are produced is when you gain a defensive lineman whip her guard. Then you have a problem. The scheme could be good, however you need to execute."

"The bottom heat is we"re make the efforts to victory the Coastal. This game counts. You have your goals set and the goal is to finish up in Charlotte, beat in the championship game and also win it. That"s what you collection your sights on, yet to do it, you have to have the finest record in the league and this is a league game, it method a lot indigenous the get-go. Yet we all understand it"s a rival game. There"s a reason we play lock every year. It"s a rivalry. Rivalry gamings are important and they"re far better rivalries when there"s some winning and also losing top top both sides and that hasn"t taken place lately."