Supernatural season 9, illustration 11 “First Born” aired tonight, through Dean meeting the father of Murder, Cain.So what occurred in the episode?

A hunter and a demon walk right into a bar

Dean is join at a bar through Crowley. The King of Hell wants to join forces to uncover the an initial Blade, a knife the archangels supplied to execute Knights the Hell. They both want Abaddon dead, ~ all, and Crowley thinks the man Winchester Memorial Library has the info they need.

Dean whips the end John’s journal and also finds a note around the blade the points to among his storage lockers. Dean and also Crowley head out, watch unaware they’d been overheard through a demon.

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Naturally, the grace extraction requires an overly huge syringe and also a most pain. Extracting the grace, though, pressures Sam’s body to begin regressing come its pre-Gadreel state. Sam speak Cas to save going until they have enough to perform the spell, no matter the cost.

Sam’s problem worsens, and finally Cas stops and also heals him. Cas recognizes that he and Sam have been on comparable paths and refuses to perform anything the would price Sam his life, since he trust angels — and also Winchesters — have the right to change.

They effort the spell however they didn’t get enough grace.

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Sam speak Cas he to be right and also they awkwardly hug. Metatron is the vital to solving everything, Cas says, and he’ll find him.

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