UFC on Fuel TV 8 will feature a co-main occasion to be contested by a pair that streaking heavyweight competitors, Stefan Struve and also Mark Hunt. Struve enters the dispute riding four consecutive wins, hunt three. 

The pairing is made all the an ext intriguing by the physical juxtaposition the the two competitors, hunting standing 5"10", Struve a massive 7"0"".

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Spectacle and also meaning, this match has them both. Check ago here because that a live round-by-round recap the the action as that breaks. 

The battle aircraft touch gloves and also we room underway.

Struve starts with a few kicks, but is socked early on by Hunt. Hunt pushing forward landing leg-kicks and short punches. Struve answers v a leg-kick the his own.

Hunt functions the body through a right, then the battle aircraft exchange jabs. A clinch in the middle sees Struve taken under by Hunt. Struve seemed pretty ready to drop come his guard. Looking for an arm-bar now, Struve move to butterfly guard.

A beautiful sweep lands Struve in the mount, however Hunt gets ago to half-guard. Struve searching for one arm-triangle now, but Hunt figures it out. Struve gets to mountain though and also is wailing away. The takes Hunt"s ago and is trying to find an arm-bar.

He loses it and Hunt is back on top. Struve it s okay the butterflies in again, however Hunt lands a solid right. Struve litter his legs up, however Hunt lands one more shot. Struve soil a nice ideal from the bottom, yet Hunt gets to side-control. 

Score: 10-9 Struve

Round 2
2 of 3

Hunt opens up the 2nd with a leaping left hook that connects. He complies with up v a couple more punches that land. Struve return fire through a jab. And also another. But Hunt keeps lunging in and hitting.

Hunt soil some much more shots and Struve is feather lethargic. The whips a casual body kick the Hunt ignores. A huge right native Struve sends Hunt back, yet he come right ago and functions the body of the Dutchman.

Hunt sweeps Struve to the mat and goes into the bigger fighter"s guard. Struve sweeps and goes because that a foot-lock. He nearly parlays the attempt into taking Hunt"s back, but Hunt rolls ago on top. Struve trying to find an arm, however Hunt defends and also once again overcome Struve"s guard. Side-control now.

Struve it s okay up and also immediately take it Hunt down and also moves directly to mount. He"s pummeling away. That goes for an arm-bar but forgets to take it the arm through him—that was odd.

The round ends v hunt in Struve"s guard.

Score: 10-9 Hunt

Round 3
3 of 3

Struve opens with a jab that Hunt responds to through a huge left. Struve is hurt, however he continues to be up and throws a leg-kick. Hunt is completely ignoring Struve"s punches and just teeing up.

A head-kick lands because that Struve, however Hunt brushes it off. Both men are tired, yet Hunt is still comes forward. That drops Struve through a huge left, and also collapses Struve.

That does it, folks. A knockout win for note Hunt.

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Mark hunt defeats Stefan Struve via TKO (Round 3, 1:44)

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