Marilyn McCoo, an American singer, actor, and television presenter ideal known together The 5th Dimension’s command female vocalist, has also hosted the 1980s music countdown series Solid Gold. She has actually been married to Billy Davis Jr., a member of the fifth Dimension.

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Net precious & Salary

Marilyn McCoo, a varied English personality, earns a many money with her acting, singing, and television careers. Follow to Celebrity net Worth, the main vocalist of the fifth Dimension has actually an approximated net worth of $8 million, add to a sizable salary.

We can obviously check out from her Instagram account that she stays a deluxe lifestyle. She drives a cream-colored Mercedes-Benz 300 CD, which prices between $60,000 and also $70,000.


CAPTION: Marilyn McCoo and also Billy Davis Jr.’s House(SOURCE: Youtube)

She and also her husband, Billy Davis Jr., live in a lavish Beverly Hills mansion.

Childhood, Family, and Education

Marilyn McCoo to be born top top September 30, 1943, in Jersey City, brand-new Jersey, to dad Waymon McCoo and also mother mary McCoo. She parents to be both doctors. Her 3 siblings, two sisters and also a brother, elevated her. Once she was seven years old, her family members relocated to Los Angeles. There, she began singing, piano, and also dancing training.

Marilyn is that white ethnicity and also of American nationality. After ~ graduating native high school, she go on to the college of California, Los Angeles, wherein she earn a degree in business administration.

Achievements and Career

Marilyn McCoo do her tv debut in ~ the period of 15 on art Linkletter’s Talent Show, and she later began modeling. Later that year, in 1962, she competed in the miss Bronze California beauty pageant, win the location of “Miss grand Talent.” Marilyn join the Hi-Fi ~ being invite by photographer Lamonte McLemore, who at some point joined she in the fifth Dimension.

She first met Billy Davis Jr. In 1966, when he developed the band fifth Dimension. Ron Townson and Florence LaRue are also members that the group. Up, Up, and Away was the band’s very first huge hit.

Jimmy Webb wrote the song, i beg your pardon was tape-recorded in 1967. In 1968, the tune garnered four Grammy Awards and served together the title track to the group’s an initial hit LP.

Marilyn, in enhancement to gift a singer, is additionally an actress. She has showed up in a variety of successful films, including Grizzly Adams and also the Legend of Dark hill (1999) and My Mom’s a Werewolf (2001). (1989). She and Davis have likewise featured top top The Jamie Foxx Show.

Personal Life: She is married to Billy Davis Jr.

Marilyn McCoo, as previously stated, is a married woman. Invoice Davis Jr., a member that the 5th Dimension, is the singer’s husband. ~ above July 26, 1969, the pair married in a splendid wedding ceremony. Before forming the 5th Dimension, the husband and wife team initially met.


CAPTION: Marilyn McCoo and also her husband Billy Davis Jr.(SOURCE: The san Francisco Examiner)

They have been married for 40 years, yet they have failed to have a kid.

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Facts that Marilyn McCoo

 Date of Birth: Age: Birth Nation: Height:NameBirth NameFatherMotherNationalityBirth Place/CityEthnicityProfessionNet WorthEye ColorHair ColorFace ColorMarried toSiblings
1943 , September-30
77 year old
5 Feet 8 Inch
Marilyn McCoo
Marilyn McCoo
Waymon McCoo
Mary McCooa
Jersey City, brand-new Jersey
$8 million
Billy Davis Jr.