around Fly favor a Bird

"Fly prefer a Bird" is a track by American singer and also songwriter Mariah Carey, an initial released top top February 13, 2006 by Island documents as the sixth single from she tenth studio album, The Emancipation the Mimi (2005). Written and produced through Carey and also James "Big Jim" Wright, the track is affected by Gospel, soul, and R&B music genres. Its setup is constructed on piano chords and guitar melodies, and also features Carey"s minister Clarence Keaton, that recites two Biblical verses throughout the song"s arrival and bridge. Carey explained "Fly like a Bird" together the most an individual and religious track from The Emancipation that Mimi, with its featuring a yes, really prayer to God: "Fly favor a bird, require to the sky, I require you now Lord, lug me high!". At the moment of the release, "Fly choose a Bird" obtained acclaim from music critics. While countless praised Carey"s strong vocal power throughout the climax, many pinpointed top top its lyrical content and also compared it come Carey"s debut song, "Vision that Love". Released together the final solitary from its parent album, the track was just sent come adult modern and gospel radio stations, throughout the very same time "Say Somethin"" was commissioned to mainstream channels. Carey perform the track on numerous high-profile market events, consisting of the 48th yearly Grammy Awards, the shelter from the Storm: A Concert because that the Gulf coast concert charity benefit, and Idol gives Back. Additionally, Carey consisted of the track on the set-lists for all her doing well tours because its release, approximately the Caution people Tour.more »

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Weeping might endure because that a nightBut happiness comes in the morningTrust HimSomehow I understand thatThere"s a location up aboveWith no much more hurt and also strugglingFree of every atrocities and also sufferingBecause ns feel the unconditional loveFrom one who cares sufficient for meTo erase every my burdensAnd allow me be totally free toFly favor a birdTake come the skyI need you now, LordCarry me highDon"t permit the world break me tonightI require the toughness of friend by mine sideSometimes this life have the right to be for this reason coldI pray you"ll come and also carry me homeCan us recover?Will the human being ever beA place of peace and also harmonyWith no war and also with no brutality?If us loved each otherWe would find victoryBut in this harsh realitySometimes I"m for this reason despondentThat ns feel the need toFly like a birdTake to the skyI need you now, LordCarry me highDon"t allow the human being break me tonightI need the toughness of girlfriend by mine sideSometimes this life have the right to be so coldI pray you"ll come and carry me homeKeep her head come the skyWith God"s love you"ll surviveFly prefer a birdTake come the skyI need you now, LordCarry me highDon"t permit the world break me tonightI need the strength of girlfriend by my sideSometimes this life deserve to be for this reason coldI pray You"ll come and also carry me homeCarry me higher, higher, higherCarry me higher, higher, higherCarry me homeHigher, JesusCarry me higher, Lord

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Mariah Carey Mariah Carey (born march 27, 1970) is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She made she recording debut in 1990 under the indict of Columbia records executive Tommy Mottola, and released her self-titled debut studio album, Mariah Carey. The album go multi-platinum and spawned 4 consecutive number one singles, ~ above the U.S. Billboard warm 100 chart.

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Complying with her marriage to Mottola in 1993, a collection of fight records, consisting of Emotions (1991), Music crate (1993) and Merry Christmas (1994), established her position as Columbia"s highest-selling act. Daydream (1995), made music background when the second single, "One Sweet Day" a duet v Boyz II Men, spent a document sixteen main on top of the Billboard hot 100, and remains the … an ext »