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Marc Anthony is famed for many things - his an excellent looks, his marriage to popular music sensation Jennifer Lopez (aka J-Lo) and his exhilaration career - however his claim to fame stays his multi-award win career together a salsa singer. Currently the singer is heading out on a brand brand-new tour!

Marc Anthony to be born in new York City and also began his music career as a session vocalist in the underground music scene there. Ironically, Anthony rejected his an initial offer to record a Salsa album. He adjusted his attitude on the genre after ~ hearing a track by Juan Gabriel ~ above the radio, and also released his debut album in 1993. The rest, as they say, is history... Or quite a really glittery history with two Grammy Awards, three Latin Grammy Awards, and 13 Latin Billboard Music Awards come his name!



Performance date: 15 February 2020


You may be forced to have had actually a COVID vaccine in order to to visit this power or display proof that a an unfavorable test. Please contact the venue straight for more information top top this.

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Anonymous: “Legacy tourism Chicago”

I went v my sister and niecez us loved it. He appeared to reap this... More

JD: “Marc Anthony concert in ~ the Agannis Arena”

Amazing!! His presence and also voice fantastico ese hombre!! more


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