MILWAUKEE – Remember roughly ten years ago, as soon as rappers T-Pain and Lil Wayne changed Wisconsin’s name to “Wiscansin” to do it rhyme through "mansion" in the tune “Can’t believe It?"

Well, the rhyme is make a comeback together a fake university to launch a new clothing line.

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(We can"t think it either).

T-Pain do the notice Friday ~ above Twitter.

#Wiscansin university is now open because that the feather semester! i can"t think it one of two people

— T-Pain (
TPAIN) march 30, 2018

The tweet included a attach to the website which sells the brand-new clothing line.

The clothes line includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, and also hats -- all with “Wiscansin” across the front.

The website is not all around selling clothing though. It also includes web links to the fictitious university’s faculty – i m sorry lists T-Pain together the dean.

"I am honored and also privileged to it is in the 22nd dean to command Wiscansin University. I believe Wiscansin is important an motivating place, and I desire to ensure that our programs proceed to it is in poised for growth for the many years come come. I look forward to the many adventures and accomplishments we will embark ~ above together."

-Tallahassee R. Pain, doctor Dean

There are likewise links come the fictitious university"s campus life, academics, and alumni – which includes many modern rappers.

Explore the new “university” because that yourself, by clicking this link.

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