I"ve made it clear the this is my favourite Wisconsin-related lyric, mainly because T-Pain has actually no need for your already-determined spelling of state names:


Yes, that"s an "a", no an "o". Also, there might or may not be mansions in Wisconsin.

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AAAAAAAAAANYWAY, the posting schedule g ot completely screwed over this week, so, let"s just take this post and call it a draw. Posting about a sunshine times because that Illinois clearly didn"t help, so, probably this will, and also if that does, I"ll just stop blogging altogether. (Probably not.)

When we gained the ball: So, Evan Watkins and Adonis Smith, huh? similar to we drew it up ago in August. First off, I recognize they"re redshirt freshman and also true freshmen. However we"re going to should see NU"s quarterbacks, you know, throw, if they desire to win. Kain Colter to be nothing however a decoy in the bag - the ran every time - and Evan Watkins appeared to get confidence together the game went along however still wasn"t being supplied as a passer primarily. I mean, he to be pretty bad and threw a blatand sphere behind a guy that resulted in a pick, but well, NU doesn"t have a opportunity in hell without a passing game, so it"s your ideal option. Bummer to view Trumpy out, yet I don"t foresee the running game taking that big a step back - Adonis Smith has actually seemed passable in his time, although plainly Trumpy to be NU"s ideal running back, in well, a while. NU is going to should spread the ball about and shot and at the very least keep the Badgers turn off balance by going come a bunch the different options - which the didn"t it seems ~ comfortable with versus Illinois.

Semi-under-the-radar player come watch: Arby Fields. Yes. I claimed it. Arby has regressed in monster fashion this year, but I quiet have faith in the guy to keep his feet churning forwards ~ a year of totally failing to do that. He has actually speed, nobody will take the away native him. A shock to run touchdown by Mike Trumpy was what maintained NU in the video game last main - we"ll see if we can think Arby"s top top the way to the end zone this week.

When they obtained the ball: There is no hope. Man Clay is injured and it does not matter. He"s among the finest running backs in university football, and he obtained hurt, and Wisconsin has had actually back-to-back 300 yard rushing games, many thanks to 340 yards and 7 TD"s by Montee Ball and 325 yards and 4 TD"s by James White over the previous two games. Yes, those are just over the previous two games. Never ever mind the reality that Scott Tolzien has completed 73.9 percent the his passes on the year and is likely going to keep Dan Persa from breaking the big Ten document - the barely throws, only averaging around 20 overcome a game. (Because he"s so cursed efficient, he"s quiet averaging 9.16 yards a pass and also has twice as plenty of touchdowns as interceptions.) Basically, I have the right to see no way Northwestern deserve to stop Wisconsin, due to the fact that they"re a friggin attack juggernaut and NU gave up 330 yards to Mikel Leshoure on the ground critical week, which is a season because that a Northwestern to run back.

Semi-under-the-radar player come watch: N/A. They"re screwed.

Spread: Northwestern +23. Jesus. Dark ages numbers.

My pick vs. The spread: Wisconsin. NU lost by 21 last week to a team the isn"t half the formation Wisconsin is.

My pick 5 months ago and five-word jokey summary: Wisconsin, and "Dangerously Cheesy". However, if NU traction the uncomfortable to validate my prediction the the cats being 8-4.

And my choose today...

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Wisconsin, 54, Northwestern, 28. Neither team will keep the various other team native scoring much. Wisconsin is simply a lot better at scoring, and, quite frankly, has a lot an ext to beat for 보다 Northwestern does.