Welcome come The Man in the High Castle season two watch-along, episode 6 “Kintsugi”. The 2nd season has actually made its premiere top top Amazon Prime. End the next couple of weeks, we space running recap and also reactions to the 10-episode season. If girlfriend haven’t started watching yet, check out at your own risk as SPOILERS follow.

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Tagomi was left shocked to uncover his daughter-in-law in an alternating reality. In the midst of Tagomi’s discoveries, the Cuban missile situation is in ~ its peak. His son, Nori, had organized a “ban the bomb” meeting, much to his confusion. That course, he learns that he has actually an uneasy connection with his son. During a fast shopping trip, he is left distraught when his son chose American beliefs over Japanese.

Juliana Crain is sent to sign up with Helen Smith and also her one of friends. George reveals the beneath the generosity woman the is Helen, she is nothing however a Queen Bee. If infiltrating your circle, she learns that they should report hereditary defects therefore the Nazi’s remain strong. The course, Helen is keeping her very own secrets. She isn’t the only one, a other woman is unable to have actually children. In spite of the woman’s generosity to Juliana asserted to have actually only sympathized for her the slightest. Juliana brings approximately George the Trudy declared to have known a means out, however brought increase she didn’t median death. Perhaps with Tagomi’s story, Trudy uncovered a means to the “alternate” reality?

Thomas Smith finds a letter and also to his excitement, he was invite to an exploration in southern America. That course v his illness, his mommy refuses come let him leave. John Smith appears to it is in excited because that his son however we space thrown with an additional twist. Man arranged come cover because that his son. He planned for his child to be kidnapped during the expedition while he’ll spearhead the search. Ultimately, he has to fail, much to Helen’s disappointment. Unfortunately, this to be the only way his son can live his staying days in peace. Return they may never view their kid again, Helen reluctantly agrees. Exactly how John blacksmith calmly faced this situation is past anyone.


Surprise, surprised Nicole was sent by Joe’s dad to store him in Berlin. While Joe moaned exactly how he is nothing but the product the a failed reproduction program, Nicole declared she is the same. However, Nicole wasn’t also bothered about that fact. Joe is “drugged” ala every drugged personality story which leaves them contemplating. Joe hallucinates Juliana, who he trust is dead no thanks to him. As with any story, his hallucination shifts and also he finds self over his dead body.

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Joe is told the it didn’t issue if he was dead or alive together they space all a speck the dust that makes no difference. This is nothing however a nightmare as he eventually wakes up. This might have set him on a new path, as by the end, Joe finds himself in uniform while contemplating with a swastika armband. Can this just be a misdirect and also he’s exploiting his father? Or is the Grasshopper Lies heavy coming to fruition?


Has Tagomi’s doppelganger always worn the rising sun pin? No one seems to be questioning the on it.Interesting how the Cuban Missile crisis is paralleling the Grasshopper Lies Heavy. Good way come tie plots together.If the Smith’s don’t agree through the Nazi’s killing their son, why space they so strong aligned? They need to start seeing an ext issues.