Indulge in a girls Night the end of hot Men and Fun Music. A virtual high power audience participation masculine exotic fantasy because that Ladies.

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ours latest occasion is ready now !

Indulge in a girls Night the end of warm Men and also Fun Music. A virtual high energy audience participation masculine exotic fantasy for Ladies.

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our latest event is ready currently !

Indulge in a girl Night out of warm Men and also Fun Music. A virtual high energy audience participation masculine exotic fantasy for Ladies.

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Our masculine revues space choreographed by professionals and created to carry out an unforgettable experience. The Savage Men show is one you will certainly not want to miss!

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Savage guys Washington male Revue

Men have been going to female strip clubs as lengthy as you have the right to remeber yet there has constantly been a shortage of top quality male exotic dancers for ladies night out occasions in Washington until now. Walk you ever wish you might go to a male piece club however just didn"t recognize where come turn? Well we have developed a fun and wild male strip club template environment comparable to what you have actually seen in the movie Magic Mike. Savage Men"s masculine Revue is an action packed male strip display with a theatrical twist. We have actually incorporated every one of the amazing facets of a male piece club and also fused it through an exotic yet erotic Circ themed male striptease show. Living in Hollywood most women mean a greater calibur of girl night the end entertainment and that simply what we deliver. Each show is packed v male strippers, hilarious emcees, wild and also crazy bachelorette themed contests and also tounge in cheek comedy.

Savage guys - Bier Baron Tavern, Washington,DC

Washington masculine Revue Tickets

Plan a funny night out through the girls and also leave her inhabitions in ~ home. Reap an evening the end at our upscale audience participation male revue and see why MTV, Jerseylicious and also America"s got Talent selected us for your shows.Just don"t take it our word on it, practically 50,000 on facebook fans can"t it is in wrong. Basic Admission ticket $28 virtual / $35 in ~ the door. VIP join $48 digital / $55 at the door.

VIP team Rates: VIP group Discount 1: includes seating as much as 5 world only $195 ($240 Value) VIP group Discount 2: consists of seating as much as 10 world only $399 ($480 Value) VIP team Discount 3: has seating up to 15 civilization only $585 ($720 Value) VIP group Discount 4: contains seating approximately 20 people only $780 ($960 Value) Extra Features: We have special add on package functions that have the right to enhance your in its entirety male revue experience.1. Hot Seat $50 - The hot seat will obtain your unique guest top top stage during one of ours featured acts. Perfect for bachelorettes or date of birth parties. Great photo moments. A warm Seat is not automatic and needs to it is in purchased in addition to an join ticket. Us only have actually 10 that these every show.2. Princess package $75 - contains a hot Seat, Lap Dance and a picture at the finish of the display with your guest and the masculine dancers. Perfect for reliving she last night the end years come come.



Get your party on with the Savage males all male stripper revue that has actually crowds the female fans swooning from coastline to coast: brand-new York City, Atlantic City, Miami, fort Lauderdale to the golden beaches the California and also more. To guarantee entrance into one of our heart pounding performances, we suggest purchasing male piece club tickets prior to the show.

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basic Admission - range $25 - $28 dependant on ar VIP admission is $45 - $48 - dependant on ar - team Discount easily accessible Upgrade her VIP solitary tickets to a booth because that an extra $100 for the entirety group


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