There is a door, on the next of the door that you are on, over there is a skeletal military ready to trample you underneath your feet, ~ above the various other side is a city through a wall that will save you safe. You require to acquire in the door yet there is some sort of password to get into safety; one male goes to the door, and the doorkeeper says "eight" and the male says "five" he lets him in. The 2nd man goes up to the door and the doorkeeper claims "nine" and the second man states "four", and he allows him in. Finally, it"s her turn, you only gain one possibility to guess. The doorkeeper states "twenty one". What do you to speak to get to safety?

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If three cylinders of radius r and height h are placed vertically such the the curved surface ar of each cylinder touches the bent surfaces
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A young presses a next of a blue pencil to a side of a yellow pencil, holding both pencils vertically. One customs of the pressed side of the blue pencil, measuring indigenous its reduced end, is smeared with paint. The yellow pencil is hosted steady while the boy slides the blue pencil under 1 inch, continueing to press it versus the yellow one. He returns the blue pencil to its previous position, then again that slides down 1 inch. He continues until he has actually lowered the blue pencil 5 times and raised that 5 times- 10 moves in all.Supposed that throughout this time the repaint neither dries nor diminishes in quantity. How numerous inches of each pencil will certainly be sneared with repaint after the tenth move? 
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Whether you pick or whether you don"t, i leap indigenous the top to the hope of a bond. Attempts come extinguish mine work"s divine, just hardens the grip-holds in time. What am I?
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If someone to be to create a biography around us, the following might be reported: #1 - Some human being claim we have the right to cure hiccups. #2 - If you are down and a tiny blue, you could be experiencing me. #3 - The 4 of us are hidden from view and are waiting for friend --- underneath her car. #4 - E.C.T., no etc., has actually this dreadful therapeutic nickname. #5 - not trying come sound corny, but we are frequently seen at farmer’s markets, roadside stands, and also garden centers, particularly in the Fall. Based upon the biographical information over --- Who/what room we?
Magma the is much more granitic often tends to be an extremely explosive because (a) of relatively greater water contents (b) of relatively higher gases content
On which dates does the sunlight shine vertically overhead in ~ (a) Equator, (b) Tropic of Cancer. (c) Tropic the Capricorn ?
An image to be presented in a web page has to cover 25% that the browser home window horizontally and also 50% vertically.

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