As you go through the missions in Mafia 3, you will have an important job the assigning districts you’ve take away under manage to among your three underbosses. (If you haven’t checked our overview for Cassandra, then below it is.)
This overview will focus on Vito Scaletta, the returning character from Mafia 2. This time that is not the main character -- however his function is still fairly big, as he portrays one of the key partners of Lincoln Clay.

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\"We talk about making money, but what that comes down to is respect.\" — Vito Scaletta

After the events of Mafia 2, Vito had been provided the river Row district by Sal Marcano, who later on betrayed Vito and also thus forced him to partner up v Clay in his revenge to kill Marcano’s family. Much more than that, Lincoln literally saved Vito’s life, for this reason he owes him a lot.

Here are the districts in Mafia 3 that will certainly fit Vito the most:

River Row


This is one obvious an option for Vito, that knows the area in and out. He provided it for gun and drug trafficking while working for Marcano, therefore he usually knows every rat in the hood. Over there he owns the “Benny’s Ristorante” restaurant and also the Ragolet’s “Canning Company.”



Southdowns always strongly relied top top mafia activity in the region, and there is nobody who knows the mafia business better than Vito. He will be perfect because that taking regulate over all the gambling and also underground fighting clubs.



The white collar area of brand-new Bordeaux, where all the building takes ar and, that course, bribery. Vito is the male for this type of job, who knows every the right civilization in the higher echelons of society, and also he has their trust and also respect.

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As you see, Vito is a true businessman and he need to be positioned in such a means that would certainly fit his layout of management. He can be rough simply like any type of other boss, but it is far better to provide him miscellaneous that deserve to be tackled without too lot violence.