Where Burn My eyes sounded prefer it might have at least been extracted from some fossilized metal DNA of truth somewhere follow me the course of its inception, The more Things Change... Is little much more than a giant, blubbery surrender come the many vapid and also idiotic nu metal trends that the 90s, and revisiting this sophomore was admittedly both hilarious and embarrassing as I tried to scrape the dregs of the barrel and also find anything, simply ONE thing positive I can actually say about it. This is usually a mix that the very first two Korn albums, Sepultura"s Roots, and a little of the Biohazard and Sick of that All affect returning indigenous the debut, manifest despite the least shitty riffs found here, in tunes choose "Stuck a Nerve", if only since bland hardcore riffs are much less obnoxious 보다 the different Robb Flynn is offering us.I expect the manufacturing is fine for what the is, Adam Duce"s base tone standing the end here against the churning, boring chords and also the occasional greater pitched, primitive droning guitars which are offered to include at least some other sort of dimension to the material past just the grooves. And these space absolute rubbish nu steel riffs, i beg your pardon took alongside no time whatsoever to develop as they simply bounce earlier and forth in between maybe 2-3 chords max. The band does reach the end to create a couple of added dynamics as in "Down to None" v its dissonant guitars over a slower groove, yet even there the results are little an ext than ennui as they can"t ever seem come capitalize ~ above a much less throwaway riff v anything explosive or interesting. "Take my Scars" is a prime example of how poor this is v its mindless, lazy chords, and also how Flynn tries to inject some mid-ranged doped increase Alice in Chains format vocal to produce a comparison or chorus to the roiling nothing below. The Rage against the device guitar "scratches" and also angry i know good hop vocals are also hilariously lame. The command guitar, as basic as the is, almost seems out of place for trying come be also ambitious come what this album is every about, the cheapest cashing in top top the LCD of metal music.Now I"m not opposed to really straightforward riffing structures, grooves or breakdowns if they"re written well enough, hell I"m a pretty big fan the Helmet records choose Meantime and Betty, which space likely likewise influences that rubbed turn off on part this mid-90s maker Head era. However these guys just lack any type of trace the personality, it"s together if friend stripped down the already-basic concepts of nu metal, took away any of the goofy costumes or vocal gimmicks the the much more visible bands in the scene, and also came up through a share blueprint on which to teach class schoolers how to jump da fuc up v their wallet chains flailing around. The sheathe font, lazy, the sheathe artwork, pretty typical stuff the looks like half the proto metalcore records I supplied to have actually in the early on 90s, and the text are about of trite garbage favor "So c"mon, c"mon, c"mon, we gotta wake up up!" space you likewise down v the sickness? together a general rule, the an ext atmospheric the album gets, wherein it doesn"t count 100% top top the dumb nu metal bounce parts, the material becomes ever more tolerable, together in "Blood the the Zodiac", i m sorry is tucked far at the end of the track list through its eerie intro, primal pensiveness and bluesy, sad solos. It"s hard to believe this ISN"T the worst album in the band"s catalog. Have the right to it obtain much worse? hold Robb"s beer.-autothrallhttp://www.fromthedustreturned.com

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It"s often listed how lot I have actually long despised the band machine Head. Hell i just documented that v my testimonial for their 1994 debut "Burn my Eyes." now I have decided to take it a jab and give props to device Head"s sophomore album "The more Things Change...". In all honesty, my theory is that Robb Flynn transparent the course of his job has constantly tried to perfect his "thinking man"s groove metal" which actually is another method of saying "Lemme shot to appeal as much as I can to mainstream steel fans in wishes of obtaining the very same success as Pantera." In the he was original and creative enough to keep in-taking so many mainstream influences that the DID keep him in the spotlight in spite of if that was hopeful OR negative attention. If the makes any type of sense because quite frankly for the most part, ol" Robb doesn"t do sense. For currently let"s not go too far into HIS career. "The more Things Change..." is the sophomore album that also Robb Flynn for the longest time hated....wait. Robb Flynn hated this album? That"s weird since 99.9% of the moment Robb Flynn has actually hyped the shit the end of every single thing he has actually done, v the significant exception for this particular album. He quote the cultivation tension in the band, press to churn out another "Burn mine Eyes" and also recording of this album also a bad album sales for the year 1997 no being to type to him. If the is claimed to it is in the case, then "The much more Things Change..." to be his inadvertently masterpiece. No something ns would put in some Hall of Fame, but as far as the many concrete offering that only Robb might create, it to be his best. Too poor he"s acted choose an ungrateful dad to one of his offspring. "The much more Things Change..." really feels like device Head in ~ their many authentic. If there was a moment where Robb Flynn came throughout as genuinely pissed-off or must be taken severe for once, it"s this album. I don"t recognize how and also I don"t know why ~ above this details album since many case of the foreshadowing Nu-metal tendencies that has. This album yes, really doesn"t come off together such and also the so-called Nu-metal tendencies room actually minimal. Because that one the challenging guy Bio-Hazard/Pantera over usage of "Burn mine Eyes" seems to it is in toned under a many to whereby it actually gives the album the freedom and ability to really let the moodiness of the middle part of the "Burn mine Eyes" album and also become much an ext concise and at times....experimental. Not the poor kind, yet here we acquire a feeling of a musician who is continuing with the same influences as his an initial offering but is now beginning to tweak it more to his advantage. Certain elements found on "Burn mine Eyes" that Robb Flynn and company are shockingly improved on and focused more. The alternate metal/grunge melodies heard in "None yet My Own," "The rage To Overcome," and "A nation On Fire" are an ext of a focal point with every little thing random malfunction or double-bass groove is not only an ext in the background. Yet when girlfriend finally an alert them, the ebb and also flow the the alternative characteristics that device Head (along with others) that have helped specify work better.The line-up because that "The more Things Change..." did have actually one slight difference and that being initial drummer Kris Kontos (Ex-Attitude Adjustment/Verbal Abuse) left the band and was replaced by Dave McClain. I"ll say ideal off the bat that Dave"s drumming is nowhere near Kris Kontos even though Dave McClain is an ideal enough to execute the project properly. In fact again, the spotlight really goes to guitarist Logan Mader and also Adam Duce who even go so much to assist Robb Flynn in tweaking the sound ~ above "Burn my Eyes" whereby if anything, it allows Robb Flynn not feel for this reason strained and held-back in the vocal shipment department. Robb Flynn himself actually sounds legit together fuck even with his much more melodic singing which felt prefer he was trying for this reason hard before now he feels an ext comfortable and also less squeaky. Overall whatever the band and Robb to be doing and also considering the so-called stress and pressure the tape was under, and the year come out and also the two albums that surround it......it"s an extremely enjoyable. Robb Flynn again being the one to whine and complain around album sales, but fuck out of right here with the bullshit dude! If something the dissapointment and also "stress" you faced helped develop one that your far better albums exterior of Vio-lence. Doofus.This album also deserves the track-by-track review since in comparison to it"s debut brother, there"s a lot an ext going ~ above in the 10 songs and some point worth-noted.1). Ten Ton Hammer - The very first single off the album. Don"t expect "Davidian" because this is a mid-tempo groove that has those guitar squeals the Robb is known to overuse as soon as he wants. One point that stands the end is the heavily downtuned sound and also "nu" feel to this song. Regardless of how one may feel, contrasted to the next song, this band is tame and also ranks increase there as one of an equipment Head"s best songs. Robb Flynn also more or much less uses the same baritone/melodic singing during the chorus together he go on "Old", but here he sounds means more relaxed. This song likewise sets the tone because that the rest of the album as much as atmosphere goes. It"s not the agrro-show-me-sum-fukkin-respect-worship that "Burn my Eyes." If anything it"s waaaaaay much more brooding. The interesting thing around this tune is the it uses the very same two guitar riff effect as uncovered in "Deathchurch" on "Burn mine Eyes." less Godflesh influence and more Alternative Metal-driven. 2). Take it My Scars - Ew. That"s all I need to say. You assumed the song "A thousand Lies" was an early example the jumpdafuckup riffs and wiggerish hand movements? fine they take it it to a whole new level with this one. The annoying ding-ding-ding-ding intro will save you at bay if friend let it. The remainder of the song more stays in this weird area of mix Groove Metal/Nu-metal in bridging the two. However then right at the last second when girlfriend think you"ve heard whatever comes the "Open up her mind" component which, lol, just watch the music video clip to this top top Youtube. You"ll watch what i mean.3). To win A Nerve - This is the very first song wherein we see device Head playing faster and also it it s okay to the pace of a NYHC track (Think the the band Sick Of the All) and again combine it with a groovy breakdown. Because that the most part it"s not negative until you right here the "Com"n, Com"n, Com"n" part. All at once the tune isn"t as poor as "Take mine Scars"....but the ending part just dampers the impact it originally had going for it. 4). Down To no one - This is the first series in a songs the take all the features found during the second act of "Burn my Eyes" and enhances everything to where you watch at your best. The creepy intro melody the crawls by at a snails speed builds into a really hefty Sabbath-influenced doomy riff the turns into a fine example of just how to carry out groove metal properly. Once I revisited this album together "Burn mine Eyes", I likewise felt this as whole weird Neurosis vibe to TMTC. 5). The Frontlines - This track was composed in the touring time duration between "Burn my Eyes" and also "The much more Things Change" and also was played prior to the recording of TMTC. This track right right here shows the pain-staking method and necessary progress that Robb and also the remainder in device Head would have to make in order to sound prefer they execute here. For a groove steel song, it"s a really unorthodox one. The tempo changes and also everything yes, really shine with in the you really don"t understand what come expect. 6). Spine - If machine Head ever wanted to be considered an ext of an alternate metal band 보다 a groove metal, this would be their ideal example. This song, at least the main riff, sounds really identical come the rhythm and tempo the the tune "Shame" by the 90"s industrial rock tape Stabbing Westward. In truth this song as much as the pace and also sheer catchiness is concerned it would have made a better 2nd single than "Take mine Scars." for a tune that is so alternate Metal-driven, the many shocking thing about it is the accumulation to the Sabbath/classic-sounding etc solo at the end which renders you wonder just how they might take a tune that might easily qualify together a jumpdafuckup mosh fest and also turn it right into an unspoken groove metal classic or also a track that resembles a legit-as-shit in its entirety classic metal feel. Fuck "Davidian".....this together "Ten Ton Hammer" turn off TMTC ideal represents at what machine Head IS capable of. Likewise Adam Duce"s bass-driven stomp in this riff fest is his glowing moment. My an individual favorite song off this album. 7). Just of Pigs - The bigger and far better version the "Struck A Nerve" for the many part. Not lot to say other than that.8). Violate - The many brooding track on the entire album. Together if the as whole atmosphere on TMTC wasn"t already catching top top enough, right here is whereby Robb Flynn precise shines the fuck appropriate through v his vocal distribution as much as melodic to sing goes. Again an additional song that the main focus is the accumulation but when the groove riff hits it"s yes, really well-done. If Robb ever wanted to let any kind of sort of fury speak because that itself, it"s this song.9). Blistering - Dave McClaine"s drumming really shines with on this song. An additional faster tempo tune in the style of "Bay the Pigs," and also "Take mine Scars." 10). Blood that The Zodiac - The epic ending track to an overlooked atmospheric and complicated groove steel album. And also sums increase everything great about this album. Logan Mader"s guitarwork ~ above this monitor is the highlight. The entire album is worth listening to simply to get to this details track. It"s a treat. Now that we have more or less properly dissected TMTC, have the right to we now look at how plenty of moments that so many case to it is in those dreaded so-called "Nu Metal" moments? 2. The is it. Also if you feel at times it starts come girate a little bit to the nu side, again you"re walking to feel a little bit surprised or shocked at exactly how it yes, really deflects it and also again puts more emphasis ~ above groove, mood, atmosphere, song dynamics, etc.etc. There"s for this reason much an ext going on the it seems rather insulting and also cheap to dismiss it together an the supposedly "bridged" the half-thrash sound the "Burn my Eyes" and the Nu-Metal abomination the "The burn Red." Actjually the title goes come Robb Flynn"s many recent item of shit "Catharsis".....good lord Robb.It"s sad really since this is wherein I stop. For now. Might be later I will look end albums such as "Unto the Locust" or "Bloodstone & Diamonds" however truth it is in told ns feel the I will certainly be listening come a boneless Arch foe or also worse....a boneless Trivium the is usually a boneless an equipment Head. At the very least for one album, Robb Flynn to reduce the macho bullshit and also let himself in reality make miscellaneous authentic. It"s no forced and he"s no trying to pander to every little thing crowd is "in" in ~ the moment nor is that fucking butthurt around whatever beef he has actually with various other musicians. "The much more Things Change..." is one album the I deserve to legit hear to over and over again.

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Ns wouldn"t contact it a classic, nor would certainly I location it in my top favorite albums, but it"s a snapshot of what can have been: a confident Robb Flynn and an really one in ~ that. An actual artist who would have and could have taken groove metal outside of it"s very own proverbial angsty box and also at the finish of the day....a Robb Flynn I could take seriously.