10 estimates From M*A*S*H That are Still Hilarious this day M*A*S*H is among the many beloved television shows of all time, and also here space 10 hilarious estimates from the collection that obtained popularity in the 70s.

while television collection come and also go, a few stand the test of time. One such present is M*A*S*H, which ran for whole decade indigenous the beforehand 70s all the means up right into the 80s.  

Inspired by the movie that the same name, which consequently was based on a book, the display focused ~ above the members the a fictional united state Mobile army Surgical Hospital the operated in the korean War. Not just does it have actually one that the most-viewed finales of all time, but it likewise has numerous memorable quotes that space still hilarious to this day.

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~ a long days’ work, adults will frequently get together at a bar somewhere and also have a couple of drinks to acquire their minds off of things. However in the saturday season M*A*S*H episode “A Night in ~ Rosie’s,” Chief operated doctor Hawkeye and his buddies take this a step more by deciding to remain in the off-base tavern Rosie’s Bar (which was based upon a real place referred to as Rose’s Bar the existed in Seoul according to armed Forces Museum).


The factor for this is that they want to secede from the US army out of tiredness in relationship to the korean War’s toll on their workload as surgeons. So they declare Rosie’s Bar as its own country with the motto gift “Life, Liberty, and also the pursuit of Happy Hour.” the not just a funny statement in of itself, but it additionally rings true to those who love a an excellent night the drinking.

9 “If I had actually all the answers, I’d operation for God.”

McLean Stevenson as Lt Henry Blake in MASH
thought about to be one of the series’ best episodes, the fourth season finale that M*A*S*H titled “The Interview” is renowned for its break from the usual layout of the show. Rather of gift in color, the done totally in black-and-white.

As the location implies, the episode revolves around a series of interviews performed by a battle correspondent to every member the the 4077th MASH camp. This contains Corporal Maxwell Klinger, who claims this quote. While it has a particular level the profoundness, it’s additionally funny since of exactly how it transforms the concept of gift God right into a politics position.

8 “Henry, you have no idea what it’s prefer sharing a tent with a guy who think he’s all twelve disciples!”

adhering to the success of the initial M*A*S*H movie in 1970, which intentionally critiqued the Vietnam war under the guise the a situational comedy set in the oriental War, a pilot for the TV present version was made two years later. V it came part noticeable changes in between the film and also the TV display such together Hawkeye sharing a time with major Frank Burns which stays the situation for several periods as protest to simply one time in the film.

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A probable explanation for this adjust has to perform with the fact that this two men are so various with Hawkeye gift a constant rule-breaker when Frank is strait-laced through comparison the it leads to comedic gold. One such instance is the quote over said by Hawkeye to Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake, who was the commanding officer throughout the show’s beforehand seasons, i beg your pardon is funny due to the fact that of its reference to the Twelve hands-on worker of Jesus who were said to it is in pure and followed Jesus’ teachings no matter what.

7 “I’m only paranoid since everyone’s against me!”

since Frank was always following the rules, this make him straightforward target for human being like Hawkeye who took pleasure in pulling pranks. Despite in the situation of the Season 1 M*A*S*H episode “Germ Warfare,” Frank became the facility of a plan that affiliated having a blood sample involuntarily take away from him to cure a POW patient and then consequently being quarantined the end of fear that he had actually hepatitis due to the same symptoms showing up in the patient (though it turned out he actually had actually anemia).

So Frank’s over quote is funny no only due to the fact that it speaks to just how he feels about his comrades in basic but also the truthfulness of the people who did walk behind his back. These contained Hawkeye, Captain Trapper, Captain Spearchucker and also to a certain extent Corporal Radar.

Of every the personalities in the M*A*S*H TV series, Hawkeye maybe said the most sarcastic and also funniest lines. Though occasionally in situations like the over quote indigenous him, that a mixture the both.


This details line comes from the Season 3 episode “Alcoholics Unanimous” where Frank decides to ban alcoholic drinks as the exhilaration commanding officer when Henry is in the interim away. As a result, Hawkeye and also Trapper (who space both heavy drinkers) find for any alcohol they can find ending up being increasingly crankier in the process. Therefore Hawkeye’s line becomes funny as result of its relationship to his state of mind as signified through the apparent sarcasm tone-wise.

5 “Sometimes when a man’s anxious come stick out a happy hand, it’s since he’s gained something increase his sleeve.”

due to the fact that M*A*S*H broadcasted roughly the exact same time together the Vietnam War, they had actually to walk a slim line in between criticizing the war v its comedic take it on the korean one and also just gift an entertaining display with no basic criticism whatsoever. Currently one that the illustration that can be said as being vital of America’s managing of Vietnam to be “Preventative Medicine” in Season 7 once the 4077th MASH camp is saw by sublieutenant Colonel Lacy who battalion is infamously well-known for having a particularly high lossc rate.

For this reason, none of the MASH camp officers like Lacy including the camp’s later on commanding officer Colonel Potter who states this line to Radar who under the impression the Lacy’s not that poor of a person. When the line can be seen as funny the end of context, that does have a sense of truthfulness in paper definition which makes it memorable.

gift the resident Chaplain, i beg your pardon is basically a cleric that is trained and also stationed at any kind of workplace or armed forces division, an initial Lieutenant dad Mulcahy served to fulfill the spiritual needs of every man and woman at the 4077th MASH camp.


With the said, that occasionally got into conflicts with the camp’s unruly policemans such as in the seventh season M*A*S*H episode “None like It Hot” whereby a warmth wave hits the camp bring about everyone to become miserable. To beat the heat, Hawkeye and also Captain B. J. Set up a private bath tub in your tent which they shot to save a secret from everyone else until number of officers including Mulcahy find out. Thus, the over quote he says in the episode is hilarious due to the fact that it relates to his profession and the unscrupulousness that the world he’s talk to.

3 “I’m no sleeping, ns inspecting the within of my eyelids.”

though Hawkeye has plenty of memorable price quotes attributed to him, this is among them. Throughout the illustration “Officer of the Day” in M*A*S*H’s 3rd season, Henry is missing once again for this reason Frank is made short-term commanding officer. He consequently appoints Hawkeye as the Officer the the Day, who basically works straight for the commanding officer and oversees points in general.


Instead of law his job, though, Hawkeye decides to use it to get some remainder with the over quote gift his excuse for resting on the job. It’s a hilarious line not only because of its sarcasm but also in the means it diverts native the real issue.

2 “I’m fine, Mom. Fine actually, ns not. You see, I had actually this friend. And also this friend only pretended to prefer me. You know, the way Dad provided to?”

among the ongoing elements in M*A*S*H was Frank and significant Margaret Houlihan’s romantic relationship in spite of the truth that Frank had a wife waiting because that him back home in the joined States. However this pertained to an finish in Season 5 through “Margaret’s Engagement” wherein Margaret came to be engaged come a man she met in Tokyo.


Naturally, open minded doesn’t take it the news well and also gives right into his paranoia thinking that Margaret only pretended come love him. He in turn expresses this to his mom (another offscreen character that is occasionally referenced in the show) in the above quote. The hilariousness that this quote comes from not just its relation to the situation, but it additionally compares two different relationships together being the very same thing.

1 “There’s a monk writing battle ditties, and a snooty major who pays me twenty bucks to monitor him the end in the woods and also watch him blow up a pigeon with a landmine.”

Every now and also then, the personalities in M*A*S*H will have episodes devoted to them creating a letter for a loved one back home where they recall numerous recent occasions that are illustrated in the episode. One such example is “Dear Uncle Abdul” which wake up in Season 8 wherein Maxwell write a letter come his uncle about some crazy things that happened at the 4077th MASH camp.

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While the over quote from Maxwell is just a snippet that the actual one as displayed on IMDb, it’s hilarious enough in chin to comprise for the rest. The events that are defined are both funny and true, while likewise encapsulating the craziness that regularly happens in the M*A*S*H series in general.