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"If I might Turn earlier Time" is a song recorded by American singer and actress Cher for she nineteenth studio album heart of rock (1989). It to be released on July 1, 1989, by Geffen documents as the album"s lead single. The tune was written specifically for Cher by Diane Warren, who produced it with guy Roche. Cher initially disliked the track after listening come a demo ice sung through Warren, yet subsequently readjusted her opinion after ~ Warren encouraged her to document it. Extremely successful roughly the globe, "If I can Turn earlier Time" was viewed as a significant comeback because that Cher in the so late 1980s. it charted in ~ number one in Australia and also Norway, and reaching number three in the unified States and also number 6 in the joined Kingdom. It also became Cher"s second consecutive solo number-one hit on Billboard"s Adult contemporary chart. The track was certified gold by the Recording sector Association the America (RIAA) because that the sales that 500,000 copies. In November 2011, Billboard report the digital sales of "If I could Turn earlier Time" to it is in 394,000 in the US. Gary Hill that AllMusic retrospectively composed that the tune "has a crunchy texture to it, albeit in a poppy, "80s Starship type of arrangement."more »

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If I might turn earlier timeIf I could find a wayI"d take earlier those native that"ll ache you and you"d stayI don"t know why ns did the points I didI don"t know why I claimed the things I saidPride"s like a knife the can reduced deep insideWords are favor weapons, they wound sometimesI didn"t really average to hurt youI didn"t want to watch you goI understand I made girlfriend cry, however babyIf I might turn earlier timeIf I can find a wayI"d take earlier those native that"d hurt youAnd you"d stayIf I can reach the starsI"d offer "em all to youThen you"d love me, love me, prefer you supplied to doIf I could turn earlier timeMy people was shattered ns was torn apartLike someone take it a knife and also drove the deep in my heartYou walked the end that door ns swore that i didn"t careBut i lost whatever darling then and also thereToo solid to phone call you ns was sorryToo proud come tell you ns was wrongI understand that i was blindAnd darlingIf I might turn ago timeIf I could find a wayI"d take ago those native that"ll pains youAnd you"d stayIf I might reach the starsI"d provide them every to youThen you"d love me, love me, prefer you offered to do, ohIf I might turn back timeIf I can turn ago timeIf I could turn back timeIf I can turn ago timeIf I might turn ago time, whoa babyI didn"t really median to hurt youI didn"t want to view you goI know I made friend cry, butIf I can turn back timeIf I might find a wayI"d take back those words the hurt youIf I can reach the starsI"d offer "em all to youThen you"d love me, love me, like you supplied to doIf I can turn earlier time (turn back time)If I might find a wayThen maybe, maybe, maybeYou"d stay(Reach the stars) If I could reach the stars

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Cher Cher ( /ˈʃɛər/; born Cherilyn Sarkisian; may 20, 1946) is an American singer and actress. A significant figure for over five years in famous culture, she is regularly referred to as the Goddess of Pop because that having very first brought the feeling of woman autonomy and also self-actualization right into the entertainment industry.

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She is known for her distinctive contralto and also for having operated in various areas of entertainment, and for consistently reinventing both her music and also image, the last of which has caused controversy. An ext »