Lyric theatre - Stuart occasion Tickets

Don"t waste time at package office, purchase your Lyric theatre - Stuart tickets v Start in 1926 together a quiet movie house, the Lyric theater at 59 SW Flagler Ave, Stuart, FL 34994, has actually seen its share of ownership alters over the last century.

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In 2005 the Lyric Theater started expanding, and by 2014 it had undergone a full facelift. Adding brand-new seats, a brand-new lobby, and whole orchestra wall, the Lyric theater finally became the meet it had wanted to be for a long time.

The theater has a combined bag that performances and performers. You have the right to see great dancers carry out the likes that Mulan and other classics. Because that music, you"ll get an excellent Motown cover bands like The Motowners, and Get Ready. You deserve to watch the Queen cover tape Mercury, or travel back in time to see the ideal Buddy Holly, Roy Orbinson, and Fats Domino impersonators. Don"t wait to acquire your Lyric theater - Stuart tickets.

Lyrics theatre - Stuart Seating Chart

The seating area is broken up into seven sections. The twin letter seats space going to it is in the seat closest come the stage. If you"re looking for the best seats, look because that AA to MM sections with seating numbers in between 101-111. These are your the next seats. These concert tickets will certainly be a small pricier. If you"re trying to find cheaper tickets, look because that seats in the single letter sections. It is one intimate venue, and even those seat are great ones. Friend won"t uncover a bad seat in ~ the Lyric theater - Stuart.

Lyric theater - Stuart Schedule

The 500 chair venue has shows every year long. The Lyric theatre prides itself on providing a wide range of various events. You"ll discover a lot of of an excellent tribute plot that have been compliment by critics, such together Stayin Alive, a tribute come the bee Gees, and Americas number one Pink Floyd show, The Machine.

If rock and also roll isn"t your niche, you have the right to watch the best contemporary dancers in the country, or listen to The Sicilian Tenors. The schedule is updating every the time, therefore make certain to secure your tickets v our interactive chart above. Find the ideal show and also land the finest seats.

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