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Like two completely opposite poles, such that if the fame of their parents could only it is in channeled right into two extremes: either all or nothing. This is exactly how it is construed that the life of, top top the one hand, Michelle, the first-born, and also then Miguel and also Daniel, still minors, is. But to know all this you have to first review the life that the father of the children: luis Miguel.

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With the premiere the the Netflix biographical series about the singer space coming out right into the open up again some of the topics that are constantly talked about when talking about the sunlight of Mexico, such together tinnitus, the hearing trouble that has actually taken him from crying inconsolably to major episodes that violence versus his workers.

But the problem of your offspring is therefore thorny the they would need their own series or, almost, their own season. We must remember how really young louis Miguel was when he started to arise with his voice: the was only 11 year old when he ended up being known singing at the wedding that the daughter the the then president the Mexico, José López Portillo.

Being a celebrity native so beforehand (in enhancement to the reality that his parents, the Cádiz singer-songwriter Luisito Rey and also the Italian Marcela Basteri, were already known) made that soon begin to accomplish a multitude of people and fame overflowed him in between jumps to the movies, an initial records and an initial hits and by the end of the 80s he was coming of age (born April 19, 1970) in full ecstasy that popularity.

His story with Stephanie

It to be in fact thanks come his name that he met a young mrs of the same period and likewise the daughter of celebrities in Mexico: Stephanie Salas, eldest daughter of Sylvia Pasquel and Micky Salas. Through her, love to be so swift and also passion ran so easily that the media had practically no time to make it main when castle were each by your side.

Of course Stephanie was pregnant. And also in 1989 Michelle Salas involved the world. If lock asked the mother who the father of the son was, she replied that it to be an anonymous boyfriendBut because that the push that was much more than insufficient.

Luis Miguel, privately, sent him gifts and congratulations and was, lock say, concerned about his well-being, something that does not mean that, publicly, that did not recognize the girl as his. This is what he would do when he got to the age of bulk and after a DNA test, which was learned recently thanks come Ilan Katz, Stephanie’s lawyer, who narrated the events due to the fact that he to be hired because that the push harassment that the climate minor favor the non-payment that a tacitly agreed maintenance until the reunion in between father and also daughter year later.

The little ones arrive

On January 1 that the year, in fact, in which Michelle reached the period of 18 (2007), Miguel come in the world and, a year later (or virtually two, due to the fact that he to be born on December 18), Daniel. They room the kids of the sunlight with Aracely Arámbula, mexico actress and also singer v whom he started dating in 2005, in a connection that was made main by part photographs in Venice, although that barely lasted after the birth of the 2nd child.

Although he and Arámbula finished up on great terms (he has even said that their romance was “a love story therefore beautiful the you couldn’t believe it, choose the one top top the Titanic”), the reality is that the legal problems began practically from the exact same 2009 in i beg your pardon she claimed the pension, ending up being the interpreter in fee of all the prices of both children and also with various troubles (Luis Miguel invested the pension for a while, promised to salary debts, then quit paying maintenance, etc …) quiet pending.

On the various other hand, Michelle Salas has constantly been so an excellent with her little brothers that She and also Aracely Arámbula have a great relationship. The course, they cannot be taking much more different paths, due to the fact that while there room hardly any kind of images the the little ones, the first-born of louis Miguel is rather a famous influence.

With or without trace

More 보다 a million and also a fifty percent followers endorse his bet, very young, to study Fashion architecture in new York. Michelle, 31 year old (in June she will certainly be 32), obviously she was not going come lack any kind of privileges, yet she continually recognizes the it has had actually a an excellent influence top top her the her mom raised her leading a much more normal life, something that makes her recognize every 2 by 3 in your posts.

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Unlike her, that has also lived in Paris and also Los Angeles, her small brothers live almost oblivious come the madding crowd. ~ the separation in between Luis Miguel and Aracely, the latter made decision that the tiny ones would certainly grow totally far from the cameras, few of the an ext normal things that the press usually make recognized in these instances are still a mystery.

Miguel and Daniel, age 14 and also 12 respectively, are recognized to be very attached to your mother, that he never shows castle on society networks also though the is someone an extremely active in them. For countless Latin American media, it will certainly be an event when one of the 2 reaches the period of majority, to understand if they will follow this same course or readjust that course for the among fame that currently precedes them.

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