This year’s April Fool’s carried out one of the finest points ever from Love Live!: the “announcement” of a new 80s-style activity anime referred to as CYaZALEA☆Kiss.

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But the Love Live! fandom and the 80s anime fandom generally don’t overlap, so I’m here to explain some of the jokes/references on both sides.

The name itself: “CYaZALEA☆Kiss”

The personalities featured in this video are jointly known as Aqours (pronounced “aqua”), and are the heroines of the Love Live! Sunshine!! iteration of the franchise. These nine girls, in turn, are composed of three idol sub-systems via their own unique formats called CYaRon!, AZALEA, and also Guilty Kiss. In the “plot” to this video, the three sub-units have to join pressures, but quite than calling them “Aqours,” their sepaprice group names have simply been maburned together.




It’s sort of prefer if you referred to as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Leodonphalangelo.”

The narration is a spoof on Fist of the North Star

The introduction of a post-apocalyptic backdrop set in the year 20XX is a reference to the opening narration of Fist of the North Star, a violent 80s shounen series about a world-conserving martial arts hero that deserve to make bad men explode with his fists. In the anime, the narrator explains exactly how in the year 199X, the Earth was ravaged by nuclear war, setting the stage for the series.

On optimal of that callago, the over-the-top voiceover featured in CYaZALEA☆Kiss is none various other than Chiba Shigeru, the actual narrator from Fist of the North Star! Famously, he’s well-known for getting even more and more ridiculous and impassioned over the course of that series, and he brings that extremely style to this April Fool’s gag:

The general feel of the opening is an homage to Saint Seiya

From the team aspect, to the outfits the girls wear, to also the swooping logo design (featuring 80s cel-computer animation shakiness), the entirety CYaZALEA☆Kiss undertaking is largely based around the 80s shounen manga and anime Saint Seiya. Following a team of heroes that obtain one-of-a-kind armor and also cosmic powers based on the constellations, Saint Seiya is famed for pioneering the “armored pretty boys” genre, and was responsible for bringing many type of female readers to Shounen Jump.

The basic art style is likewise exceptionally reminiscent of the aesthetics of Saint Seiya author, Kurumada Masami.

Sentai colors run amok

At the beginning of the opening video, all the girls in CYaZALEA☆Kiss announce their designated colors, similar to what’s frequently checked out in Super Sentai and also other tokusatsu functions. But whereas those shows generally have actually six, maybe seven members at the majority of, tright here are nine in this situation. Not just does this reason a jumbled mess of talking-over, yet the actual colors named deserve to gain exceptionally specific.

Chika: Mikan

Riko: Sakura pink

Kanan: Emerald green

Dia: Red

You: Light blue

Yoshiko: White

Hanamaru: Yellow

Mari: Violet red

Ruby: Pink

These are the actual signature colors of their corresponding personalities in Love Live! Sunshine!! as well. If you buy a glow wand (or “light blade,” as they’re officially called), it’ll come through all nine of these colors.

Though probably not intentional, it additionally harkens back to the sentai parody anime Shinesman, which featured a team of red, gray, sepia, salmon pink, and moss green.

The character designer and also artist for CYaZALEA☆Kiss is a famous 80s manga artist

While the overall look of this parody is based on Saint Seiya, the actual artist himself is not Kurumada but rather Shimamoto Kazuhiko, creator of Blazing Transfer Student and also Aoi Honoo, aka Blue Blazes.

Blazing Transfer Student is a ridiculous school fighting manga. Blue Blazes is an exaggerated semi-autobiographical job-related about Shimamoto’s time in art college, when his classmates had contemporary anime/manga luminaries such as Anno Hideaki of Evangelion fame. The previous got a 1991 OVA by Gainax (the original Evangelion studio), while the latter was adapted right into a TV drama in Japan in 2014.

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What did you think of CYaZALEA☆Kiss? Did you appreciate it as an 80s anime/manga fan, as a Love Live! fan, or perhaps as both?

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