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Funkifized from Lowell, MaThe exciting thing about this tape is that all the hits had actually prominent saxophone solos top top them, however there appears to have actually not been a sax player in the band. I disagree that there was small difference between the Atlanta rhythm Section"s variation of "Spooky" and also the standards IV version. The rate pattern was the same, but it was much more rockin" guitars. I liked the update version much better for a brief time and also eventually found the classics IV require to be much an ext listenable. Joanne from CtI could transport myself in 1968 to an 8th grade grammar institution dance favor it was yesterday. This track is “ groovy”Barry from Sauquoit, NyBuddy Buie passed away July 18th, 2015 after enduring a heart assault in Eufaula, Alabama.May the R.I.P.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 17th 1967 "Spooky" by the standards IV gotten in Billboard"s warm Top 100 chart; and on February 4th, 1968 it peaked at #3 (for 3 weeks) and also spent 15 mainly on the peak 100...The quartet had actually a complete of three peak 10 hits; and all three had "one word" titles, the other two to be "Stormy" (#5 in 1968) and also "Traces" (#2 because that 1 week in 1969)...Sadly, command singer Dennis Yost passed away on December 7th, 2008 at the period of 65...May the R.I.P.Howard native Levittown, Pa"Just like a ghost you store on haunting mine dreams/so I"ll propose on Halloween." among the cleverest currently ever.Cobb"s guitar format didn"t change between classics IV and also ARS; the texture seemed different in the mix though.I wonder sometimes if classics IV opened up a niche because that sax in pop/rock("Year the the Cat," "The One girlfriend Love" "Fool If friend Think It"s Over" etc.).Edward from Henderson, NvAnother song around a girl through unpredictable mood swings: Billy Joel"s "She"s always a Woman."Leah native Brooklyn, NyIn concept, this song around a boyfriend/girlfriend who has creepy mood swings and also personality transforms is first cousin come Katy Perry"s recent tune "Hot N Cold."Dave native Easton, PaWasn"t the vocalist ~ above theses standards IV songs Dennis Yost? I have the single "Traces" and it"s provided as "The standards IV special Dennis Yost." His smooth vocals walk well with the standards IV sound. I loved ARS, too.Vic from Knoxville, TnI love those to decrease triplets in the 2nd guitar soloBri native Orange, CaA cover to be don through dusty springfeldMike from Santa Barbara, CaI"ve wonder what or who this track was about. That sounds choose it can be about Morticia Addams indigenous The Addams Family.Ekristheh native Halath, unified StatesCute"n"clever, one of my all times.Rick from san Juan, joined StatesIn one of the early episodes that HBO"s "Six Feet Under", Spooky to be played in one eerie scene whereby Nate (Peter Crause) is having a conversation with his dead father. The scene came to be even funnier once he told his dad that he didn"t understand he was into the classics IV.Jonnie indigenous St. Louis, MoThe first recording of "Spooky" was an critical version by saxophonist Mike Sharp. It was a 1966 - 1967 release...forgotten through most,but constantly one of my personal favorites.There is also a recent Smooth Jazz version of "Spooky" through David Sanborn which is excellent...and faithful come the original version.(Mike sharp (Shapiro) was component of the team that composed "Spooky". J.R. Cobb, friend Buie & take care of Middlebrooks, Jr. Were all listed as writers. Lock eventually ended up being The Atlanta rhythm Section.And the rest is history.)Jonnie King/WSSM, St. Louissee more comments
genuine LoveMary J. Blige

Prince Markie Dee of The Fat boys co-wrote the mar J. Blige fight "Real Love."

BootyliciousDestiny"s boy

"Bootylicious" make the Oxford English thesaurus three years after the Destiny"s child song to be released. Definition: "Blend of loot buttocks and also delicious."

The Girl from IpanemaStan Getz and Astrud Gilberto

There yes, really is a Girl from Ipanema. Her surname is Helo Pinheiro, and she would walk "Like a samba" previous the bar the songwriters frequented, giving the inspiration.

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FireThe tip Sisters

Bruce Springsteen initially wrote "Fire" because that Elvis Presley in 1977, and also even sent him a demo. Sadly the King died prior to he ever heard it, and it was left to the tip Sisters to document the song.

BenMichael Jackson

Michael Jackson"s an initial #1 solo hit, "Ben," is around a pets rat.

Wild BoysDuran Duran

Duran Duran"s "Wild Boys" is based on the book of the very same name by william Burroughs.

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Oliver LeiberSongwriter Interviews

Long prior to she was judging contestants ~ above American Idol, Oliver was developing Paula Abdul. Here"s just how he helped turn this unknown choreographer into a star.

songs in well known Movie Scenes: Tarantino EditionMusic Quiz

Whether he"s dividing ears or burning Nazis, Quentin Tarantino offers memorable music in his films. View if friend can enhance the track to the scene.

Taylor DayneSongwriter Interviews

Taylor talks about "The Machine" - the hits, the videos and also Clive Davis.

Songs around MoviesSong writing

Iron Maiden, Adele, Toto, Eminem and also Earth, Wind & Fire are just some the the artists through songs directly inspired by movie - and not always great ones.

Kristian bush of SugarlandSongwriter Interviews

Kristian talks songwriting technique, like just how the chorus must redefine the story, and also how to compose a tune backwards.

N.W.A vs. The WorldSong creating

How the American gangsta rappers made history by obtaining banned in the UK.