In the people of Love & i know well Hop Atlanta, not every actors member gets display screen time in every episode. Critical week, Erica Dixon was absent in action, however she kicks off episode three with a visit to her lawyer about Scrappy's failure to pay child support.

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The rapper owes around $45,000 (yikes!). Due to the hefty amount, Erica's lawyer states that castle can bring Scrappy to court and get that arrested. If she's upset v Scrappy, this breaks Erica's heart since of his past run-ins through the law. However, she knows what she demands to do and signs the records to offer Scrappy.

Of course, it's no long before Momma Dee it s okay involved. She do the efforts to factor with Erica and says the Scrappy loves their daughter, Emani. But Erica isn't budging top top this situation and also reminds her he still fan $45,000 in back child support. By the end of the conversation, Dee it s okay up and also tells Erica that they'll view her in court.

Erica meets up through Rasheeda Frost to talk around their issues with their respective men and also businesses. After ~ venting about her concerns with she husband Kirk, his brand-new condo and also her intentionally to relocate forward with her company, Rasheeda mentions a keep opening Karlie Redd is involved in, which Erica is completely unaware of. She's about to get to the bottom of this and confront she former company partner at the opening -- currently this might get ugly.

Meanwhile, the Yung Joc, Sina and also Khadiyah (aka KD), love triangle heats up. Baby mama Sina shows up in ~ the studio and Joc is instantly attracted to her. However Sina desires to speak to Joc around becoming a family unit once again. However KD stop this conversation once she additionally stops through the studio, i m sorry she has helped Joc pay because that in order because that him to job-related on some brand-new music.

Although KD is calm, Sina isn't. And also they all begin to have actually a discussion around what Joc has actually been increase to through both women. As soon as Sina reveals the she and also the rapper space still having sex, Joc states nothing and tries to take it his infant mama the end of the studio instead. She struggles against him, but it's no use.

Khadiyah needs to uncover out the truth and asks Sina to have a drink v her. The five-minute conversation ends through Sina telling KD she will do anything in her strength to acquire Joc ago so castle can develop their family. She takes points to one more level by planting a camera in she living room and seduces Joc, i m sorry is all recorded on video clip to prove to Khadiyah that Joc's to be cheating ~ above her.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez head the end to Tangu Rehab Center, whereby he'll undergo therapy for addiction. Gift the supportive other half, she provides him as lot love and also support as she can. While Joseline is sad the he'll be in rehab for 30 days, she functions on she career and rehearses "Stingy with My Kutty Kat" in the studio. Karlie pays she a visit to check out what's going down and additionally talks around deading her service plans through Erica to link up with an additional business partner, Nyisha, in las Vegas -- she revealed this news come Rasheeda in critical week's episode.

Karlie likewise meets up through former actors mate K. Michelle, who's in city to manage some business. She brings follow me aspiring singer Jessica Dime, who just moved to the ATL. Michelle and also Jessica apparently recognize each other from Memphis, so they go means back. Karlie bring Michelle and also Jessica as much as speed around Mimi Faust's music monitoring company, how Mimi and Stevie room working together and also the reality he's going to the rehab. Then Karlie shares that her new store, Merci Boutique, opens in a couple of days.

Mimi has a many to take care of with nikko London threatening her for 25 percent the her book deal and also Stevie leaving her to operation the new company on she own. Therefore she enlists the aid of Deb Antney (Waka Flocka's mom), that tells she to just write the books and also get it almost everywhere with. While writing her story, Deb lets her know she doesn't have actually to get so detailed with her life experience so that she can release an ext books in the future. Once it comes to Joseline, Deb states for the services of Stevie and also Mimi's daughter she demands to speak to a truce because Joseline is right here to stay.

In the meantime, Joseline is make the efforts on wedding costume while we view clips that Stevie going v the rehab program. Mimi end up providing in and also meets v Joseline, however the conversation doesn't go very well. Of course they begin bickering and also Mimi simply walks away.

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The illustration ends through the opened of Karlie's boutique and also everyone reflects up consisting of Jessica Dime and K. Michelle. But an ext importantly, Erica and also Rasheeda do an appearance to inspect out what's walk down, which ends v the two suggesting with Karlie. Jessica decides to placed in her 2 cents, but because Erica and also Rahseeda don't understand her, they call her out for getting affiliated in organization that doesn't issue her. And what could have been a fun keep opening turns into one crazy circus.