About As soon as ns Hang up the call

"As soon as ns Hang up the Phone" is a tune written through American country artist Conway Twitty, and also recorded by Twitty and Loretta Lynn as a duet. It to be released in 1974 together the very first single native the album country Partners. It to be the 4th number one ~ above the U. S. Country singles chart for the pair together a duo. The single went come number one for a single week and spent 11 mainly on the chart. It additionally reached number 1 in south Africa, safety 16 mainly on the chart.

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Hello (hello Loretta) darlin" i knew it to be you(Loretta there"s something ns just obtained to call you)Oh you re welcome tell me what to do(I don"t yes, really know how to to speak this however I desire to phone call you that I)You gave me the will certainly to walk on as quickly as i picked increase the phone(No no girlfriend don"t recognize Loretta I"m trying to tell you the I)The talk is around that we"re through (yeah I know I"ve heard that too)Oh darling call me what come do(But that"s simply it that"s what I"m trying come tell girlfriend I want to tell friend that)I knew you"d call me they were wrong as quickly as i picked up the phone(Oh but it"s true they"re not wrong)Oh no (I"m sorry Loretta) oh no ns can"t think that it"s true(I"m sorry Loretta I"m yes, really really sorry)Oh no oh no ns can"t think that we"re through(I understand you recognize that I never ever thought the would involved this)You phone call me it"s over and also done(I really assumed that ns loved you and you know that)You say that you"ve had actually all your fun(You"ve just acquired to think me the I never ever meant to hurt you)But ns can"t believe you"ve to be gone(This is the hardest point that I"ve ever had to do and it hurts me too)As quickly as ns hang up the phone (yeah I"ll be gone)As shortly as ns hang increase the phone call (goodbye Loretta)

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Loretta Lynn Loretta Lynn (née Webb; born ~ above April 14, 1932) is an American country-music singer-songwriter and author. Born in Butcher Hollow, near Paintsville, Kentucky, USA, come a coal-miner father. In ~ the period of 14 she married, and also soon she ended up being pregnant. She moved to Washington state v her husband, Oliver Vanetta Lynn, Jr. (1926–1996), nicknamed "Doo".

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Their marital relationship was tumultuous; he had actually affairs, and also she to be headstrong; their life together assisted to accumulate her music. More »