Make your means down the stairs and kill the Infected as you go. In the courtyard at the base of the stairs room a pair that Infected come the left and a Marauder patrolling indigenous the building in the street on the appropriate to the center and ago again. Wait because that the Marauder to be far away before running in and also attacking the Infected. If girlfriend can’t kill them quickly, lead them back to the stair so the you can focus on killing them without the Marauder involvement the party.

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Use the Checkpoint crystal as you leave (left). Clear the courtyard (right) and also pull levers on the communication either next of the gate to open it.

In the centre of this courtyard is a big locked gate, either next of this is a collection of stairs. We need to climb every of these and also pull a lever in stimulate to open the gate. Top top the appropriate hand platform you will need to dispatch another Marauder in bespeak to pull the lever and on the left you’ll should fight off a new kind of opponent – the Rogue.

Rogue Combat Strategy:

The Rogues bring a shield approximately with them at all times and also as such, friend cannot assault them head top top or they will certainly roll far or block you. Instead, friend will need to wait because that them to do a move. Fortunately, most of their assaults are fairly obviously telegraphed, offering you plenty of time to dodge or block. Wait for the Rogue come attack, avoid it and also then melee strike him as soon as or double whilst he recovers. The leap assault provides the largest attack window, however you have the right to usually sneak a hit or 2 in no matter the attack.

Additionally, you deserve to strafe in a circle through the Rogue (who will carry out the same) and if you can gain behind castle a tiny on the side opposite the shield arm, you can hit lock withe the occasional attack.

Once you have killed the Rogue, pull the move to open the gate. Head on down the stairs and also go with the opening.

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Wall Gates¶

As quickly as you open up the gate you will run right into an Injured Monk . Walk up to and also speak with him for a conversation. Agree to cut off his arm. Later on you deserve to offer to offer him among your potions – this will mitigate the total variety of potions youhave by one, however will offer you 500XP and a Weapon (Axe - Butcher) at this suggest and will additionally open up an additional side-quest later in the video game that will provide you a the majority of XP and also improved potions in general. Together such, I would recommend handing one over.