In william Golding’s the lord of the paris a group of brother boys" airplane was shoot down, leaving castle stranded on an island. The following webquest will help you to develop an understanding of life in britain during people War II. The will also educate you about two heroes and show you just how power can corrupt. Happy reading!


Search the complying with websites on the "Process" page and answers the concerns that apply. You should write in complete sentences and write your answers top top a different sheet of paper. No typing. Due at the end of the period.

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Task: log in on to:

Read every of the complying with sections: Evacuation, Gas, Internees, home Guard, Spies. Lock will help you come answer the inquiries below.

1) Why were children evacuated indigenous Britain in the 1940’s?

2) which countries offered to expropriate evacuees?

3)Why go the brother public support oversees evacuation?

4)What led to the government to adjust its mind and discontinue the oversees evacuation policy?

5)How many youngsters were evacuated or sent oversees from Britain or its swarms during world War II?

6) by September of 1939, who had gas masks in Britain? Why?

7) What is supposed by the term “internee”?

8) who was interned in brother during world War II?

9) Which was the last country in Europe to was standing fighting against Germany

(Hitler)? Spies

10) who was Karel Richter?

Task: review Hugh Thompson"s and Ron Ridhenhour"s story on the following website and answer the inquiries that follow: THOMPSON:

11. Summary Hugh Thompson"s story in your very own words.

12.Would you take into consideration Hugh Thompson a hero? Why or why not?

13. Summary Ron Ridenhour"s story in your words.

14. Would certainly you think about Ron Ridenhour a hero? Why or why not?

15. Why carry out you think details humans react through courage and also bravery and some reaction with fear when they discover themselves in specific situations?

Task: Read around the abuse that Iraqi POWs and answer the concerns that follow:

16. Define in your very own words what taken place inAbu Ghraib?

17. What go this say about particular people that are put in power?

18. Do you think power corrupts? Explain.

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Task: Read around Sigmund Freud and also answer the concerns that follow:

19. ExplainFreud‟s structure Models the Personality. Connect the Id, Ego, and Superego to Ralph, Jack, and Piggy.