Three 6 Mafia net Worth: 3 6 Mafia is a hip-hop team who has a combined net precious of $20 million dollars. Initially from Memphis, Tennessee, the three 6 Mafia started as one exploitative, horror-themed secret hardcore rap sensation (called 666 Mafia in its at an early stage years) and went on to experience fairly mainstream success years later, eventually also winning one Oscar and also scoring a couple of major hits.

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The group"s members varied from album to album, v the one consistent being the duo the Juicy J and DJ Paul. Other remarkable Mafia affiliates at once or an additional include Crunchy Black, Gangsta Boo, mr Infamous, Koopsta Knicca, La" Chat, task Pat, Killa Klan Kaze, and Indo G. The production prowess the Juicy and also Paul also brought about a variety of side jobs (Tear da club Up Thugs, Hypnotize Camp Posse, Da Headbussaz) and also independent brand ventures. Three 6 Mafia dates ago to the early "90s, when they were recognized as Triple 6 Mafia. Plenty of doors began opening for 3 6, including the unlikely Oscar win in early 2006 (for difficult out There because that a Pimp from the movie Hustle & Flow). Capitalizing top top the success, Sony reissued Most known Unknown in 2006 through some new tracks, consisting of a remix of side 2 Side, which featured Kanye West. Keeping tabs on the team membership alone has actually been challenging. Juicy and also Paul hardly ever kept a continual stable that rappers and with each exit came drama; Gangsta Boo allegedly left after finding religious beliefs whereas task Pat spent time behind bars. Top top December 21, 2013, founding group member mr Infamous passed away of a heart attack in his sleep in ~ his mother"s residence in Memphis, Tennessee. Gangsta Boo left the group in might 2014. The rejoined group"s album, watch What U Wish was released in 2014. In October the 2015, Koopsta Knicca additionally passed away from a stroke. He was 40, the same age as Lord infamous – the various other Three 6 Mafia member that passed away in 2013.


Three 6 Mafia

Net Worth:$20 Million

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