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Besides the tall drinking glasses the we’re supplied to seeing, over there is another form that we’ll come across. Plenty of jelly companies have actually released to adjust of jars to it is in collectible cup after their use. However, saying the they space ‘collector’s items’ can be wrong. The fact that there was jelly in lock is what led it to be a problem. Continue reading →

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As if glass collecting wasn’t hard enough, the greatest challenge still lies ahead. That seems prefer every collection has one. The glass that’s more valuable than the rest, that one that we all should finally complete our collection, the one . . . It is the hardest to find. It is right. There’s always that one that’s so elusive no one deserve to seem to discover it no issue how tough we look. The one that makes us concern if it even exists. The prize is yes, the does exist. And also there lies the rub. Continue reading →

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Sometimes glasses that the same collection will come in different sizes (another series within a series). I have seen some that are sixteen-ounce and also others that are twelve-ounce. Once again, this complicates matters because that up-and-coming collectors. When buying various sizes, would certainly that give a human being the impression that their arsenal is finished? Or would they feel the they currently own two incomplete sets of glassware? continue reading →

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Apart native the various glass series, there have the right to be a series within a series all because of the color of the surname of each character. Together an example, the 1973 Looney Tunes glasses i’m collecting deserve to have the character’s names in either black or white paint. The problem is that there room two different glasses the the exact same character, all many thanks to the different name colors. So, we’re every asking, “Why is this bad?” Well, this is why.

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From mine collection, the left glass is in black paint, the appropriate one is in white paint.


A finish 1973 Looney tunes glass collection (Melissa).

These 2 Alvin glasses room in my collection. An alert the fading ~ above the ideal glass. The only reason I have it is because it to be sold together with the an excellent Alvin for a an excellent price.


The paint on this glass is external the outline, as stated (JunkyardGenes).

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From mine collection, the best glass has the logo design underneath the name, where the left glass has actually the logo on the bottom sides (not viewed from the front).