The very first rule of taking care of a firearm is to constantly treat it together if it were loaded, and never suggest the muzzle at anything you aren’t willing to destroy. This has your face! Every man, woman, and also child is teach this philosophy from the very very first moment lock are presented to guns. While this that is essential to lay this foundation, the impractical come think that if you own a firearm you’ll fully avoid looking under the barrel of your gun.

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Because of this, civilization often wonder, if the is safe to look under the barrel. And, if that is acceptable to look under the barrel, once is the ok? There room a couple of instances once it’s acceptable to look down the barrel. If you are skilled with the firearm you space handling, you have cleared the weapon, and it has not left her possession, then it is safe to look under the barrel. One more instance when you can check the barrel is as soon as the weapon is disassembled. This is the wanted method.Next, we’ll talk about why it’s vital to visually examine your bore. We’ll additionally cover some alternatives to stop looking down the barrel, and also the safest means to look under your barrel.
When Looking down The Barrel Is NecessaryClearing The WeaponClearing one AutomaticClearing A RevolverThe ChamberParting Shots

When Looking under The Barrel Is Necessary

Purchasing a firearm is no little investment. Past finding a reliable brand and model, you will do it likely examine the weapon for any type of defects. This is particularly true of purchasing a provided firearm. To mine knowledge, every handgun originates from the manufacturing facility having to be fired at least once to show appropriate functioning. Once I obtained my very first 1911 I additionally received a casing native the an initial set the bullets the were fired v it. However, as soon as buying a second-hand weapon native a dealer or personal party, girlfriend really have no expertise of the ahead usage and also care of that gun.You’ll desire to visually check the boring for any signs up buildup. Assuming that the weapon was well maintained, girlfriend should have the ability to use her thumbnail come redirect light under the barrel. This enables you to view from the suitable end (the chamber). However, I also recommend check from the other finish of the barrel together well. Let’s discuss the best method to accomplish this.

Clearing The Weapon

I was taught native a young age, that when someone hand you a pistol your an initial priority is to clear that weapon. This accomplishes three things. First, you deserve to safely perform any number of activities, as soon as the weapon is cleared. This has things like field stripping the weapon, looking under the barrel, etc. Second, the proves you have actually the understanding to manage that weapon and also reinforces an excellent habits (e.g. Keeping the barrel pointed in a for sure direction).Finally, if you space unfamiliar through the pistol, everyone handed girlfriend the weapon should have the ability to demonstrate or go you with clearing the weapon. If they space not able come satisfactorily achieve this, climate you have to not look under the barrel. For the objectives of everyday carry, fine be discussing pistols. While there are various other weapons, favor rifles and also shotguns, us won’t it is in covering just how to clean those types of weapons in detail.Every weapon need to be cleared by girlfriend personally. Clearing a weapon ensures that there is no cartridge in the chamber, and none easily accessible to be loaded right into the weapon. Until you have the right to validate the the weapon is cleared, you have to assume the is loaded. I was taught the this was true, even if you view the human being clear the weapon in front of you.

Clearing one Automatic

Alright, let’s discuss how you in reality clear her weapon. First, we’ll cover how to achieve this on an automatic.KEEP your FINGER off THE TRIGGER!Remove the magazinePush the slide backLock the slide in placeVisually inspect the chamber from the rear of the weaponLet’s covering each action a little much more in detail. Removing the magazine first ensures the no additional rounds can be loaded into the chamber. As soon as the on slide is in the rear position, the cartridge in the room is ejected. Once it moves forward, another round is chambered. By removing the magazine, the slide moving forward is can not to load an additional cartridge.Once the magazine has been dropped, the continuing to be threat is any live round in the chamber. Move the slide to the rear position to eject any kind of cartridge that can be chambered. I will then let the slide relocate to its forward position. I’ve uncovered it is simpler to do this than try to eject the round and lock the slide at the exact same time. Traction the slide ago and lock that is position.Once complete, girlfriend can examine the barrel native the behind of the weapon. In ~ this point, the weapon should have no ammunition in it. At this point, suspect you’ve done this correctly, the total is clear and any further actions have the right to be taken. If the weapon pipeline your hands, you should perform this activity again.

Clearing A Revolver

The procedure for clearing a revolver different slightly. However, the ethics are the same.KEEP her FINGER off THE TRIGGER!Press the release for the wheelTilt the firearm rearward and press the ejector rodInspect the barrel and wheel native the rear of the weaponBecause a revolver has various mechanical attributes the process for clearing this form of handgun varies from that of one automatic. The wheel holds every round in a different chamber. Together the wheel rotates, one more round is chambered.Pressing the little button on the side of the firearm will release the wheel, enabling the whole structure to move laterally. Friend can apply gentle push to the next of the wheel therefore it move outward.Once this occurs, friend have access to the ejector rod. Tilting the firearm rearwards allows the cartridges to fall freely right into your hand when you press the ejector rod. This pole will prolong out from the center of the wheel.After friend have emptied the cartridges, visually check the barrel and also each chamber on the wheel. You should be able to see fully through the wheel at every chamber. Once this is complete the weapon can be taken into consideration cleared.

The Chamber

Whenever the need arises to visually check the barrel, prior to looking down the organization end, it’s constantly best to exhaust all various other options. The first step is to clear the weapon which we’ve currently covered. ~ doing that, ns recommend looking under the barrel indigenous the chamber. You deserve to use a mirror or her thumbnail come reflect light down the bore.Another option is to use a telescoping camera and also run that v the barrel. The Depstech Endoscope Borescope (Amazon link) is a an excellent example. Not only are there miscellaneous settings because that resolution, but the LED lighting makes for clear image capture. Furthermore, it’s compatible with Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems.Finally, and my preferred technique of inspecting the barrel on mine pistol is to ar strip the weapon. Essentially, you’re acquisition the weapon apart and inspecting the boring while it’s complimentary from the affect of the firing pin. Actually, at that point, it’s simply a hollowed out steel rod. Friend can examine to your hearts’ content without fear.

Parting Shots

I carry out not introduce looking under the barrel the a gun the is intact, because there space so numerous other methods to achieve a barrel inspection. However, should the need arise, you can safely execute this by clearing the weapon. Ensure the the weapon is not taken on by someone else before using this method. Double, triple, and also quadruple examine that the weapon is cleared.Ideally, you’ll have actually an intimate knowledge of your gun, including just how to field strip and also clean her weapon in bespeak to examine the bore. For those of you who lug a pistol as part of her EDC kit, did i forget anything? let me understand your thoughts on this subject in the comments section.
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