Drake provides a legitimately emotional tribute come his mother, Sandi, his grandm Evelyn, and his Uncle Steve in this Take treatment highlight.The low-key vibe set the song apart… check out More 

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It’s choose ’09 in her basementAnd i’m in love with NebbyAnd ns still love her, but it dropped throughBecause ns wasn’t readyAnd your earlier hurt, and your neck hurtAnd you smoking cigarettes heavyAnd i sit next to you, and also I class youBecause those are deadlyAnd then you ash it, and we argueAbout spending money top top bullshitAnd you tell me I’m as with my fatherMy one button, you push itNow it's, "Fuck you, I hate you—I'll relocate out in a heartbeat!"And i leave out and also you contact meAnd friend tell me that you sorryYou love me, and I love youAnd her heart hurts; mine does tooAnd it's just words and also they reduced deepBut it's our world, it's just us twoI see painkillers ~ above the kitchen counterI hate to check out it every hurt so badBut maybe I wouldn't have functioned this hardIf you were healthy and also it weren't therefore bad, ughMaybe I must walk increase the streetAnd try and get a job at the bank'Cause leaving it as much as me, J, and also NeeksWe'll probably finish up robbing the bankThen Wayne call up my phoneConversation wasn't that longGets me a trip to Houston in the morningOh, it's my time, yeah, it's onHe's thinking of signing me, ns come homeWe do a mixtape through seventeen songsAnd virtually get a Grammy off of the thingThey love your son—man, that boy goneYou get the operation you dreamed ofAnd I finally send you come RomeAnd obtain to make great on my promiseIt all worked out, girl, we should've known'Cause you deserve it
Is this shit real? need to I pinch you?After every the things that we been through, I acquired youLook what you've done, look at what you've doneLook what you've done for me nowYou knew that ns was gon' be somethingWhen you're emphasize out and also you require something, I obtained youLook what you've done, watch what you've doneIt's favor '06 in her backyardI'm in love through JadeAnd I'm quiet in love'Cause as soon as it's that actual is as soon as it doesn't fadeAnd my father life in Memphis nowHe can't come this wayOver part minor charges and also child supportThat just wasn't paid, damnBoo-hoo, sad story—Black American dad storyKnow that I'm her sister's kidBut it still don't explain the love that you have for meI remember sneaking in her poolAfter institution dancesDamn, your home felt like the HamptonsFor every one of my summer romancesI never really had actually no one favor you, man, this all-new, shitMade the civilization I know biggerChanged the means that I perceived itHad all this fighting walking on at the cribYou would calm me down once I lose itTold you, "I think I'm excellent actingNow I'm more in touch v the music"You said, one of two people way, I'd be a star—I can go for this reason farTalked to me, and also you gained to meThen you will do toss the keys and also loan me your carYeah, just a young son in a drop-top LexusHopin' that ns don't acquire arrestedJust an additional kid that's going with lifeSo concerned that i won't it is in acceptedBut I can do anythingYou stated that, and you expected thatYou took me places, you invested thatThey stated no, we went backChecks bounced, yet we bounced backI put all the money in your accounts backAnd I thank you, i don't understand where I'd yes, really be without thatIt operated out, man—you deserve it

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Is this shit real? must I pinch you?After every the things that we been through, I obtained youLook what you've done, watch what you've doneLook what you've done for me nowYou knew that ns was gonna be somethingWhen you're emphasize out and you need something, I gained youLook what you've done, watch what you've doneHi Aubrey, I'm below sitting with my son having a little talk—and that knows just how to call you now, come let friend know exactly how grateful ns am because that your aid in keeping me in this—in this comfortable place. Every I can say, Aubrey, is i remember the great times we had together, and also the times I used to look at after you. And also I still have wonderful feelings about that. For this reason God bless you, and I hope I'll see you...