The Matthew Axelson tradition Gun to be made so the all the proceeds from this airsoft gun would be donated come the Lone Survivor structure in bespeak to assist our Veterans. V minor internal work and minor exterior work, this is one truly magnificent gun and also in return also helping our Veterans. The base FMG4 is one of the famous airsoft firearms on the market. OEM"d through Lonex its performance is by far superb.The FMG4 has an exquisite exterior, the metal parts space made that high quality aluminum for excessive durability. Internally, Lonex is the original tools manufacturer for the brand-new FMG4 Lineup. Lonex is well known for producing high quality performance components for airsoft. The integrity of their parts is past what is expected. The FMG4 is a good airsoft gun appropriate out that the box, however, ours techs have actually decide to do it also better. Lock have added a Tienly GT-35000 for enhanced trigger response and price of fire and a Magic box Miracle Barrel because that extended selection and accuracy. To add a few external additions, overall, this is another great Lone Survivor custom from our technology department.

Specifications:Manufacturer: Airsoft GIModel: Matthew Axelson CustomMagazine Capacity: 360rdsMuzzle Velocity: 415-425 FPS

Features:King eight MK12 mode 1 KitEcho 1 SF Suppressor 7"NC Star 3-9x40E ScopeMagic crate Miracle Barrel ( 469mm )Madbull Blue BuckingTienly GT-35000 MotorFull steel ConstructionHigh Quality, trusted Internals Soft transporting Case

Please Note:This total does not come with a Battery or Charger

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SpecificationsManufacturer: Airsoft GIMuzzle Velocity: 415-425 FPSMagazine Capacity: 360rdsFire Mode: Safe, Semi, AutoColor: Desert CamouflaugeMaterial: MetalPackage Includes: Gun, Magazine, Optic, Grip, Bipod, total Bag, Mock SuppressorOuter Barrel Length: 16inStock Type: Crane StockSight: NC Star 3-9x40EOverall size Extended: 41.0inOverall size Retracted: 37.0inWeight Empty: 10lbs 8ozCylinder Head Type: variation 2Piston Head Type: PolycarbonatePiston Type: PolycarbonateAir Nozzle Type: M4 / M16Tappet key Type: variation 2Spring Type: M120 SpringSpring guide Type: version 2Bushing Size: 8mmBushing Type: SteelGear collection Type: Lonex StandardSwitch/Wire Type: M4 / M16Selector key Type: M4 / M16Cut Off lever Type: version 2Anti reverse Latch Type: variation 2Motor Type: Tienly GT-35000 Hop increase Type: M4 / M16 inner Barrel Length: 469mmExternalPrimary develop Material: MetalInternalGear Box: Lonex Ver. 2
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Product Information:Matthew Axelson CustomMk12 mode 1 Lonex BaseSPR KitSurefire Mock Supressor 7.5''NCSTAR 3-9X40E BipodPEQ-2Tienly 35000GTMagic crate Miracle Barrel 469mmMadbull Blue BuckingPros:*Excellent Custom paint Job*Solid construct *Chrono'd at 414FPS to 423 FPS*Excellent range (easily hits targets approximately 250FT)*Very good Groupings*Shoots Strong*Excellent ar Gun & DMR*Also added a NCSTAR Mini Red dot on top of the scope.Cons:*Only Con I had actually was come tighten the motor connectors due to the fact that the red connector preserved coming off. After ~ tightening that, the was good to go.