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"Back chair (of my Jeep)" is a track by LL Cool J, released together a solitary on June 1, 1993, because that Def Jam Recordings, taken indigenous his 5th album 14 Shots to the Dome. It to be produced and also written by LL Cool J and QD III. The track samples a north loop from The Detroit Emeralds 1973 tune "You"re Gettin" a little Too Smart".

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Ah yeahI desire to send this one out to all the jeep lovers worldwideCity come city, ghetto to ghettoSome flavor for you and yoursAnd her jeepYou"re the form of girl that obtained class and also styleStill in every you require the backseat of my jeep as soon as in a whileSo ns pull up to your door to offer you what you"re looking forHardcoreI understand you desire to come, in my jeepWe have the right to park top top a back streetYou"re checkin" the end my auto phone, scopin" out my jewelryLet"s carry out this in a hurryAir freshener is kickin", drive through for chickenI recognize you require a an excellent stickin"That"s when I check out my man SnoopPeace, what increase kid? loungin" dukeAs I rotate the corner, starin" in her cornierYou"re gettin" hornier and hornierI"m pumpin" increase a blint ice cream (flavor)You"re foot is incredible, I do a twin takeYou"re puttin" on her lipstickI desire to offer you this large fat (yea)Quick, I understand a ar where we have the right to lounge and cool, don"t sleep(where at?) back seat of my jeepBack chair of my jeep, let"s swing an episodeBack chair of my jeep, let"s swing one episodeBack chair of mine jeep, let"s swing one episodeBack seat of my jeep, let"s swing one ep"I"m pullin" over near your buildingI irradiate a candle top top the dashboard, we"re chillin"I knew a girl like you would certainly love a scene favor thisYou acquired class but deep down you"re real freakishYou gained it all, however you never had a wild episodeThat"s as soon as me and also my jeep showedUp v the funk in the stems andHittin" it, we"re spunkin"I"ll also get girlfriend drunk and tipsyCause I know you"re feelin" friskyYou love that "cause it"s wild and riskyYou got your eye on the hoodYou"re approximately no goodI take it you in the back, girlfriend hoped ns wouldYou got your black color on black color so stacked in the backWhile I"m pumpin" in the CD I"ll skip a trackWindows room foggyAnd, uh, back seat treats in the streets could be a hobbyAnd friend ain"t in in between the Isley Brothers" sheetsI give it to you actual raw in the backseatThat"s how you desire it, don"t ya? (yeah)You"ll tell her girlfriends, won"t ya? (nah)Don"t lie take it it in your eye (why?)So buckle up, buckle upWhat"s my name? what"s mine name? what"s my name? what"s mine name? huhI never knew a 4 wheel drive could be therefore liveI"ll put your number in the archivesSo take "em off, and put them things on the winter girlIt"s my jeep and your worldYou got it going on lovely, time to carry out the appropriate thing"cause I have the right to tell you desire to swingWe"re bonin" ~ above the dark blocksWearin" out the shocks, wettin" up the dashboard clockSeats full of sweat, ns told ya I would hit itYour kitty, kitty, cat, cat, to be hungry so i fed itWorkin" together a teamSomebody, everyone (scream)Jump with me come the cash barI"ll be prefer Bruce Lee in them skins goin" "wah"Damn, it"s for this reason good, the foolish grip on mine tipYou"re quiet a nice girl yet my jeep provides ya flipYou go wild and stick your toes on the roof (yeah yeah)You"re for this reason cute, wit" her gold toothExtensions ~ above the carpetThat nice ring brown is mine targetIt"s so firm, therefore cushy, it renders me feel mushyI love it as soon as it"s pushyBut don"t laugh, I"m severe with this (word up)The back seat of mine jeep, is pricelessYou"re climaxin", you"re climaxin", it"s complete actionYou love a great waxin", it"s for this reason relaxin"Give me a hugSee what I"m sayin" love?

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LL Cool J James Todd blacksmith (born January 14, 1968), better known as LL Cool J, for women Love Cool James ), is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and also actor from just Shore, brand-new York. He is known for romantic ballads such as "I require Love", "Around the means Girl" and also "Hey Lover" and pioneering hip-hop such as "I Can"t Live without My Radio", "I"m Bad", "The Boomin" System", and also "Mama claimed Knock girlfriend Out". He has actually released thirteen studio albums and two best hits compilations, including 2008"s exit 13, the last because that his record attend to Def Jam Recordings, and currently has actually a brand-new studio album in the works. That has likewise appeared in plenty of films, consisting of Halloween H20: 20 20 years Later, and currently stars as NCIS one-of-a-kind Agent Sam Hanna on the CBS crime drama… an ext »

Written by: JONES, SMITH