To put it plainly, the Saul \"Canelo\" Alvarez (45-1-1, 32 KO) vs. Miguel \"Junito\" Cotto (40-4, 33 KO) bout ~ above Saturday indigenous Mandalay bay in ras Vegas is the best non-Floyd Mayweather struggle in the last three years.

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The Mexican-Puerto Rican boxing rivalry is collection to get one more chapter added to its long line the high-profile bouts. Alvarez is there is no a doubt the most popular and also successful active Mexican fighter in the sport, and also the same deserve to be said around Cotto in relationship to his Puerto Rican heritage. That is the only fighter native Puerto Rico come win world titles in four weight classes.

The entire boxing people will it is in watching, together will plenty of casual fans, and also that\"s once you know a fight and also its hype have gone to the next level.

Here\"s a look in ~ the last press conference because that the bout:

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When: Saturday, November 21, in ~ 9 p.m. ET

Where: Mandalay just in ras Vegas

TV: HBO pay-per-view

Live Stream: BoxNation

Last Time Out

Cotto Crushes Geale

Frank Franklin II/Associated Press

Daniel Geale didn\"t watch like lot of a test because that Cotto ~ above paper, and also he listed little resistance in the ring as Junito successfully defended his WBC middleweight crown in June.

Cotto to reduce Geale twice in the 4th round, and referee Harvey Dock referred to as an finish to the bout so late in the frame. Geale didn\"t look good from a strength and also conditioning standpoint.

He struggled to make the 157-pound catchweight, and also it showed in the ring. He looked listless and also slower 보다 normal. Cotto took advantage of his ill-prepared foe and also finished that quickly.

Canelo Smokes Kirkland

Troy Taormina-USA this day Sports

James Kirkland doesn\"t usually have boring fights, and also his fight with Canelo in might was no exception. The uber-aggressive Kirkland jumped on Canelo indigenous the opened moments of the first round.

The aggression seemed to stun Alvarez at first, however the 25-year-old easily picked increase the pace. He badly hurt Kirkland in the first round, dropping that in the process.

But it remained in the third round the he would end up the fight. Alvarez knocked Kirkland down again, but the rugged contender would get to his feet.

That verified to be a mistake.

Canelo compelled his dazed adversary to the ropes, faked a jab to the stomach and came over the top with a savage ideal hand the knocked Kirkland cold. Take it a look at the punch:

Because this action-packed fight came simply a main after Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao bored numerous fans, the an outcome helped come elevate Canelo together the guy primed to it is in the sport\"s next megastar. The clash through Cotto might punctuate Canelo\"s arrival into the sport\"s elite.

What\"s at Stake?

The title instance surrounding this hit has become complicated. Cotto was stripped that his WBC location after he refused to pay $1.1 million in sanctioning fees, every Lance Pugmire the the Los Angeles Times. Currently the title will only be top top the line for Canelo, who has actually a opportunity to get his very first piece of the middleweight crown.

Another large payday could be on the horizon, as the winner would be expected to take it on WBA and also IBF champion Gennady Golovkin. A success by Cotto can muddy the picture. Since he wouldn\"t be the WBC champion, there wouldn\"t be any type of obligation because that him to face the feared Kazakh slugger.

This is an intriguing battle, assuming the 35-year-old Cotto doesn\"t watch his period in the fight. He\"ll it is in the most experienced human body puncher Canelo has ever before tangled with. That might be significant, due to the fact that Alvarez\"s midsection has actually never been tested.

Cotto is tough as nails, and also he\"s presented the penchant for getting off to quick starts in his last three fights. Rapid starts room not normally a part of Canelo\"s makeup.

He can\"t afford to permit a veteran prefer Cotto to obtain the fall on him early.

In the end, I favor the larger (5\"9\" come 5\"7\") and younger Alvarez by decision. That should have actually a slim edge in speed, and if he uses his jab, he could seize control and have Cotto hurt late.

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Out of respect to Cotto\"s toughness, we\"ll tab Canelo as the winner by decision, however the final four rounds will likely favor the mexican star. Bet on Canelo going away.